I’m not really mentioning the V word because this post is more about treating yourself rather than feeling you have to buy something on or around 14th February but if you want to leave your lap top open at this page, that could work too…

Yes I know we’ve just had all the expense of Christmas but here’s the thing. Greig and I didn’t really buy anything for each other this year. We made a joint decision to save our money and just treat the kids. That admission usually elicits either gasps of shock or sage nodding in agreement. However, by the end of January – easily the hardest month for me in terms of mood, energy and self-esteem – I find I am in dire need of a pick-me-up. I’ve already had a visit to the hair salon and a manicure because, well I just really needed it and these things help to get me through winter.┬áSo, whether you want to drop a hint to your significant other, fancy a bit of self-love or just want to treat a friend, here’s a little wish list designed to cheer up even the most miserable of months. Besides, it’s *nearly* spring (it totally isn’t but these are the lies I tell myself at this time of year).

1. Jack Wills has just launched a new fragrance collection of five scents inspired by the British outdoors, harnessing the power of natural elements and fresh blooms. I love this little roller ball – great to keep in your bag and top up as you go when you need a lift. Alternatively, you could just give the gift of choice and buy one of their gift cards.

2. I bought this book for Greig years ago for our first wedding anniversary but I just dug it out of our library and have enjoyed dipping into it again. Pure romance: ‘ever thine, ever mine, ever ours’…

3. Okay so red lingerie is a bit of a cliche but I would totally buy this set for myself, any time of the year frankly. I love the relaxed, delicate nature of this but the red would be a real change from my usual neutral shades of underwear.

4. I love all the stationery on the Bread & Jam site but these little love notes are very cute and can be personalised with your own messages if you want to get super slushy.

5. A new mug is a joy forever (or until it gets broken) but you could go further and get the whole matching set. If you actually made me dinner or served me breakfast in bed on it, I think I might love you forever!

6. A pair of red shoes will never not make my heart sing and this pair just make me long for warmer days. They’d certainly put a spring in my step.

Hope you’re surviving January!




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Danish Pastry //

Living in Denmark I’ve seen Valentine’s day go from an also ran, to pretty much the norm for the younger generation in the last 25 years. Most people of my age (40’s) don’t really rate it, its seen as one of those American traditions that’s too commercial (like Halloween and even thanksgiving!) I know my danish husband won’t mark the day, mainly as he wouldn’t realise what date it is. But hey, he remembers our wedding anniversary, so that’s fine by me.
I do tend to wear a little red on the day, but nobody other than me realises why. They tried to introduce pancake day a few years ago, that fell flat on its face, which suited me as it’s a tradition my husband and I share with close friends.
I’ve just ordered a pair of red sneakers, maybe they’ll get their first outing on the 14th February!

Candy Pop //

So many pretty things. We didn’t do Christmas gifts either – well, just a few ‘bits and bobs’ but nothing too expensive. I hope you have a lovely weekend, Kat. xx


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