I should really entitle this post, ‘Why I BOUGHT a pink suit’ since I’m doing that thing where I buy something I’ve been mildly obsessing about and then need to justify it to myself via the blog. But seriously, I would normally shy away from buying a matching trouser suit, especially in pink, but I think these two pieces might just prove to be some of the most versatile items I own this summer.¬†

So here’s why. Firstly, when worn as a matching two-piece, I think this suit solves so many of the summer ‘what to wear?’ conundrums, whether it’s finding something smart but summery for the office, nailing that wedding/special occasion outfit (especially if you really don’t do dresses) or even just a night out, when you’re sick of wearing black/denim. In each of those scenarios, you could just shove on a smart tee, silky camisole or black shirt plus a pair of heels and you’re good to go (maybe swerve the fascinator).The idea of wearing a matching suit might strike fear into the heart of anyone whose spirit animal isn’t a peacock (or should that be ‘a flamingo in a flock of pigeons’) because, let’s face it, matching your top to your bottom does make more of a statement. But I think the fact this suit is a fairly neutral colour, which flatters most skin tones and hair colours, works in its favour (and it doesn’t involve a print).

The other mental stumbling block is the idea of wearing a suit – an actual whistle and flute – during the day (and not feeling like a prat). I know, I hear you and I probably wouldn’t wear both the jacket and trousers on a really boring, average day doing the school/supermarket run. Save it for a day when you want feel like you’ve made a bit of an effort; meeting a friend for coffee / having a daytime date / going for a working lunch.

And if in doubt, just play it down and rock it with a simple white t-shirt and trainers. Push your sleeves up, slap on some black shades (I always hide behind mine a bit when I want to brazen out an outfit) and just go for it. You can always take your jacket off when you get there.Secondly, worn separately, the blazer and trousers are going to provide some pretty nifty linch pins to your summer wardrobe, trust me. The pale blush pink feels almost like a neutral, so wear it as you would a cream, grey or camel colour. Less of a Barbie pink or bright fuchsia (though go for it if you like those too), this shade will fit in so easily with many of your existing separates such as denims, black/white (obviously), khaki and even looks great when contrasted with bright red when you want to try something a bit punchier.

For example, the trousers look great with a lightweight sweater or smarter blouse tucked in but also soften up black or a rock / slogan tee. Like wise, since blazers are big news this season you could alternate your classic black/navy jacket with a pink one, which looks cute with pale denim or white jeans and could even go over midi skirts or maxi dresses when you fancy switching up your look. I would warn against wearing it with a knee-skirt – my gut just says no!So, which one did I buy? Well I first had my eye on a linen one from Tu clothing’s Premium range, though after closer inspection in store, I didn’t like the plasticky rose gold buttons, which cheapened it for me (though you could easily replace them). Then I spotted another one on the Matalan site and decided to track it down in store. Sadly all the trousers were sold out but I tried on the jacket for size and decided to buy it while ordering the matching trousers online. Both are a good fit, the fabric has a nice subtle sheen to it and I like the colour. Sizing is quite generous but I got the 10 in both as I think anything in this colour shouldn’t be worn too tight! (NB: This suit is selling out fast online, but some sizes are being regularly replenished or you could try in your local store).¬†There’s also a great version in Mango if you want to spend a bit more or just buy the jacket and/or trousers separately, depending on how much wear you think you’ll get out of them.

I’ve also linked to a few more options below if you fancy giving it a whirl.




All images via pinterest – check out my Pink Suit board for more ideas.


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