There’s a lot to be said for shopping your own wardrobe and sometimes, just by putting a little twist on how you wear an existing item, you can elevate your outfit and create a whole new look. Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost a thing. 

We love a clever little styling riff don’t we? And thankfully if you spend enough time online (like me), scouring Pinterest, fashion blogs and retail sites there’s plenty of inspiration to be had. Often it can feel like we are regularly bombarded with new trends and ‘must-have’ pieces (holds hand up). But it’s worth remembering that you don’t always have to be constantly adding to your wardrobe. The saying, ‘do more with less’ springs to mind. Or alternatively ‘it’s not what you’ve got but what you do with it’. I could go on, but won’t. So in this spirit, I thought I’d share three simple little styling tricks I’ve recently gleaned. First up…


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A look that appeals to my practical side as well as my fashion instincts, I mainly have the wonderful Brittany Bathgate to thank for this, since I saw her layering woollen dresses in a couple of her blog posts recently. Of course, it helps if you have some beautifully ingenious pieces (that knit with the waist length split is just amazing ey?) but a longer jumper dress works just as well, especially over pleated skirts for reasons discussed here. I also really love the idea of extending summer maxis and reworking silk camisoles over cosy polo necks. This is thrifty winter fashion at its best and I think the result looks pretty cool too.


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We’ve been wearing our shoulder bags slung cross body for quite some time now, but rather than leaving your bag resting on your hip or swinging to the side, wear it proudly like a badge of honour up high, resting just under the bust. Shorten the strap (tie a knot in it or punch in an extra hole) and wear your favourite handbag close to your heart, almost like a clutch under the arm but with the added benefit of still being hands free. It’s a great way of making your bag of choice the central part of your outfit rather than just an afterthought.


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It takes me a while to start wearing socks again in autumn as it’s a real admission that summer’s over (and let’s be honest, many shoes look better without). However, I’m no stranger to comfort these days and the addition of a woolly layer not only keeps you warm but prevents any unnecessary blisters (I have soft feet that refuse to toughen up). Plus, I’ve reached an age where the idea of inflicting undue discomfort upon myself just isn’t appealing and I like to walk most places.

Enter the jazzy sock. Yes, I know it sounds like a potential minefield littered with possibilities of naffness but the combination of the right shoe with the right sock can be a match made in heaven. I already have a mini collection (three) of glittery socks which started with a lovely luxurious pair from Genevieve Sweeney and was swiftly followed up with more from H&M and Topshop. And Other Stories also has a wonderfully well-stocked sock bar with plenty of choice. And as we know, that store can do no wrong, so I rest my case. Alternatively, go a step further and do the fishnet ankle sock. This is one I haven’t tried yet but it looks great with black loafers and a raw-hemmed, cropped jean. Either way, make sure to make a real feature of your socks with a shorter peg leg style trouser / rolled up jeans and contrasting shoes. This is not for the half-hearted!

Have fun,



Niki //

I couldn’t agree more! And I absolutely love the styling tricks you’ve featured…I’m pinning them now 🙂

Slummy single mummy //

I’m totally with you on the sock thing. You’d think by now that my feet would have toughened up a bit but I really struggle with shoes. I bought a new pair of Converse recently and even those rubbed horribly!

Mel Wiggins //

Yes yes yes to the layering dresses for sure! Really been loving that look and such a great way to extend your wardrobe and not feel like you have to buy something new just because the seasons change. You know I love a bit of a wardrobe hack – nice tips lovely! xo

Alice //

I’ve got a fine knit sweater dress from H&M that this piece reminded me of – – it’ll great for layering! I wore it lots at the end of the summer and will be popping it on over my jeans for winter.

I’m also trying to get into the sock thing and have just ordered some from Topshop – I’ll let you know how that goes!


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