Be still my beating heart – have you seen the new Boutique collection at Paperchase?

Oh stationery, you will always have my heart I think, possibly because no matter what age or stage I’m at, regardless of my current pursuit or passions, there will always be room in my life for more. I don’t know if you’ve spotted the new Boutique collection at Paperchase, but it’s definitely worth a look.

While I love a mooch around Paperchase, it tends to feel quite geared towards a young customer (which is probably why my kids go so mad in there). So when I spotted this recently-launched, limited edition range online I was rather keen. As well as pens / pencils and notebooks in beautiful prints, there’s a nice selection of ‘lifestyle’ products, the type of which you’d be more likely to find in a cool independent boutique.

For example, there are hand poured candles and natural body products from labels like L:A Bruket and Sun Day, self-help pieces from The School of Life, coffee table books and desk organisers. There are even hipster aprons!!! With a nod to Scandic-Chic and mindfulness, the Boutique Edit has been specially selected by Paperchase’s buyers to appeal to a different customer.

Don’t get me wrong, I would still rather seek out some of these products and labels from a real boutique and enjoy that carefully curated space while supporting an indie retailer BUT if you don’t have one of these shops close by, then this is a good alternative. As ever, I like to share my money between the high street and independents.


P.S. I really, really need that ‘I am a great writer’ pen, for those (many) days when the confidence is low!



Sian //

Ive just been treated to a beautiful Kikki K large ballet blush pink planner and it came yesterday. I was so so excited when I saw in emails that it was to be delivered. Made my day. Ive also bought some bits and bobs for it from a lovely seller of Etsy and they are gorgeous. So yes to loving stationary, all the stationary.


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