I’m a high street girl, through and through – my wardrobe is sometimes peppered with the odd special purchase but more often than not I like to seek out a bargain too. Whether you’ve longed (and saved up) for a designer item or love to find its near as dammit dupe, I don’t judge. Fashion is a frivolous thing, to be enjoyed, whatever your budget. So here are three key pieces for this season, whether you’re on a spree or looking for a steal.

Details: L-R

Faye shoulder bag, £1375, Chloe / Large shoulder bag, £16, Matalan

Limited edition shearling cocoon coat, £695, Warehouse / Pink casual faux fur coat, £89, Topshop

Multi-buckle western style boot, £185, Dune / Western buckle boot, £25, Matalan

In my dreams perhaps a Chloe handbag would be a lovely thing to have and I like perusing the website, admiring the immaculate design of everything on there. I do believe a thing of beauty is a joy forever and to those who choose to spend their hard earned cash on such a thing, I salute you. For those of us that can’t or won’t pay over a thousand pounds for a handbag, that Matalan dupe is a nice alternative and I won’t worry about the kittens chewing it or a biro leaking all over it.

I love the new design direction that Warehouse has recently taken and there are some really beautiful, unusual pieces available at the mid-level price tag. This is the democratisation of the high street at its very best; a designer look and feel, using quality fabrics and brilliant cuts to provide something special for the mass market. This amazing shearling coat is admittedly the most expensive item on the site; a forever piece designated as an investment and I imagine many have been clamouring to snap it up, even at that price. However, more affordable versions can be found such as this one from Topshop (already selling fast online so track it down instore) or this really lovely pale pink alternative from Zara.

Finally, the western style buckle boot seems to be the one to have this season, no doubt fuelled by our love of the Chloe Susanna for several seasons now. The high street is littered with lots of variations, including the multi-buckle and studding details – take a look at Fran’s recent post for lots of great examples of the style. Personally, I like the simplicity of black suede with side buckles. The Dune version is selling out fast online since it was reduced in price, so again try instore or head to Matalan for another great alternative I found while shopping there. In fact I first saw this boot when I was filming The Show back in the summer and mentally added it to my wish list.

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Antonia //

This is a great post Kat, I love the items you have listed but I particularly enjoyed your attitude to high street shopping, I feel much the same way. I admire designer goods but don’t have the budget – converting the loft is our priority at the moment, handbags that cost more than a new bathroom suite is something I can’t get my head around right now though I would love to if things were different! The online world sometimes skews my view of things so your honest no nonsense post leaves me feeling very happy! Good work girl!

Kathryn //

Thanks so much Antonia – glad you like. I think it’s good to respect other people’s personal choices but ultimately you must be happy with your own. Good luck with the bathroom makeover – sounds exciting! Xx

Fortyandofftherails //

Great read. Ditto. I’m a high street girl myself and even though I can lust after various designer delights I know where my budget lies I love the Dune boots, would be oh so useful

Kathryn //

Thank you! I’m the same, I appreciate the craftsmanship that must go into a lot of designer items (though I wonder how much of the price tag is down to marketing too). But most of the time, I’m happy with high street xx

Kathryn //

Thanks, glad you like Caroline! It is a lovely looking handbag either way isn’t it (and I have to say I think the high street version I have is really not bad at all!). P.S. Nice to find another northern blogger. I have a friend (originally from Filey) who’s just recently relocated from London to Scarborough so I hope to be spending a bit more time round there 🙂 xx


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