Welcome to the second instalment of a new feature I’m calling Outfit Mathematics, where I pick one of my favourite looks from Pinterest and recreate it using pieces currently available from the high street. It’s a simple concept really but one I find far more enjoyable than actual maths. Answers provided overleaf.

This outfit was originally pinned from a recent Vogue article on Paris Fashion Week street style. It’s a look that feels particularly user-friendly right now as we segue from winter coats to jackets and slogan tees are on everyone’s shopping list. Plus I’d say this is one style that is pretty ageless.

First, let’s talk denim. It’s time to swap out your darker jeans for a paler mid to light wash. Trust me, they will instantly feel more spring-like and work with everything in your summer wardrobe far better. The ‘mom jean’ style is one I’m a fan of as they tend to flatter my shape more; a tapered leg widens slightly to gently accommodate my thighs before nipping back in to define my waist. I’m so over low rise jeans that just make my hips look wider and reveal an eyeful of bum-crack every time I sit down – give me a proper waist any day.

As for the slogan tee, well I think you already know my views on this considering my latest outfit post (which has a few more suggestions if you’re in the market for one). The Sezane La Femme version is the ideal choice (and all proceeds go to the charity UN Women if you decide to buy) but since this is a fairly thrifty UK fashion blog I’ve also suggested an affordable high street option too.

After the gloriously hot weekend we’ve just had in the UK, I’m not sure we even needed jackets but safe to say we will again soon (41 summers up north has taught me nothing if not to be a realist). A blazer seems to be the way to go this season, though I will always have time and space in my wardrobe for denim and leather jackets. I love the slightly oversized feel of the way it’s worn above, like she’s nicked her dad’s suit jacket from his wardrobe. To me, tightly-fitted blazers always look a bit middle-aged country set aka Penelope Keith in To The Manor Born so I’d go for something less tailored, slightly mannish and a little longer like this Zara version – if in doubt go up a size.

And the accessories? Well my finger is hovering over ‘add to shopping bag’ on those Mango sunnies (because sunglasses can literally save both face and outfit in less than 5 seconds) and well, the little Birkin basket bag is just too cute. I’m not sure if I could really make it work on the school run(!) so I’ll just borrow from the look and tie a scarf around my straw tote instead.



P.S. If you missed my first Outfit Mathematics post, you can find it here.




Kathryn //

It’s a bit of a classic combo isn’t it and the accessories just make it a bit quirky which I love. Thanks for stopping by Amanda xx

Kathryn //

You’d have fitted right in with that basket bag – very jealous of your trip to Paris honey – enjoy! xx

Danish Pastry //

Spot On!
Tee+blazer+jeans is really a no brainer, always looks good, and can be dressed up or down.
My take is with slim fit jeans, breton with a twist, and navy fitted blazer (oversized swamps my petite frame). I switch between grey nubuck Stans, nude brogues or red ballet flats, as far as my feet go.

Kathryn //

Agreed, I think I might be adopting this uniform for most of the summer if the weather will allow up here. Love the sound of your shoe options xx


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