Maths was never my strong point but I think I know a good outfit when I see one. And that’s just my point. I see so many great street-style shots but am not always sure how I can reenact them in real life and at my price point. So I’ve decided to start a little series on the blog dedicated to recreating some of my favourite outfits on Pinterest, all from pieces currently available on the high street.

Getting dressed should be as easy as ABC or even 1,2,3 for that matter but we all need a little inspiration every now and again.  And I love pinning my favourite outfits in the same way I used to cut things out of fashion mags and scrapbook them as a teenager. As a kid, I also used to love those cardboard dressing up toys where you could change the girl’s outfit (see a pattern forming here?). And the evolution of social media has just exacerbated this habit as you can imagine!

I’ve always thought sartorial success in others is a sign of genius. Sometimes I spot the perfect outfit on the street, in a book or a film and mentally score it a perfect 10 . For me, it’s an outfit that is both do-able, wearable, practical but also a little bit different; an outfit that is more than a sum of its parts. It’s often a hotchpotch that just works together, especially if worn with flair and a little insouciance. Or it could just be an intelligent use of fabric, colour and tailoring to achieve a desired effect.

The outfit I’ve chosen here, is a pretty good example I think. I love Jessie Bush from We the People, she just seems to know what suits her, is not afraid of colour and always stays on the right side of quirky. So how about that outfit? The trench and the white shirt are classic pieces that everyone should probably have in their wardrobe. But the lipstick pink trousers, cut to a gentle taper, are fun yet flattering while the patent heeled brogues put a new spin on a traditional shoe that elevates the whole look. I’ve added a bag that I think would work and a pair of sunglasses of which I hope Jessie would approve.

The stores are FULL of different trench coats at the moment so there’s no excuse for not finding the perfect one for you. I love  The White Company’s drapey trench, which I wore recently in this post. If you prefer a darker colour like Jessie’s, I can also recommend this one from Tu Clothing, which I bought recently and is a great price. And if you want to put a really fashionable spin on things, there’s always this gingham trench from Topshop, which I expect will sell out quickly.





Kathryn //

I used to have some and I think I donated them to charity last year – hate it when that happens! xx


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