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What to buy the daddy cool in your life.

Time to say ‘thanks pops’ to either the big daddy or the other superhero in your life (if you have kids), as Father’s Day approaches on June 19th. I always struggle for gift ideas for Greig around this time of year as we’ve already done Valentine’s Day and our wedding anniversary plus his birthday is just around the corner. Perhaps I should just print this off and leave it around the house in case he wants to circle anything he fancies. Hope it helps you out too

  1. Odd Pears socks, £9.00, Haykin
  2. Pump Street Bakery drinking chocolate, £12.95, The Future Kept.
  3. Webbing belt, £39.50, Boden.
  4. Filson navy briefcase, £215, The Hambledon.
  5. London Fields peppermint soap, £5, The Future Kept.
  6. Canvas slip on, £36.50, Boden.
  7. Superhero card, £3.00, The Hambledon.

P.S. I am definitely getting him some of those Odd Pears socks (they come in packs of 3 with one odd one) because he always has mismatched socks and it drives me slightly insane from a laundry point of view!



Mel Wiggins //

Ha! Brilliant idea with the socks. My mum got Levi some that come in 3’s and they are super cute, but it always left me with a bit of OCD when I put them away and they WEREN’T lost that there was always one just sitting out not folded in! Really love those shoes too – will have to get some Dave approval before purchasing though – you know what men can be like! x

Kathryn //

I know what you mean, I’m making a point with these socks but also trying to learn to live with my own sock OCD problem – it’s like therapy! P.S. Greig has already circled these shoes in the Boden catalogue so I know I’m onto a winner! 😉 xx

Molly //

I love those socks! I’m not going to see the NLM on Father’s Day this year as it’s when I fly out to Sierra Leone, but I know I’ll not be able to dodge the present buying! Think I’m going to go for those socks…


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