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xmas-party-outfitsI’m going out for dinner and drinks with a couple of my oldest friends tonight. Sadly, our little Christmas shindig is one of the few times we get together each year so I really look forward to it. It’s a chance to dress up a little, let my (not so long) hair down for a bit and enjoy a proper catch up (we’re starting the night in a restaurant that has a gin bar downstairs – oh yes!).


PicMonkey Collage3But what to wear? I think I’ll be turning to one of my tried and tested black/navy frocks, some low-ish heels (or maybe even my silver brogues) and my faux fur jacket for warmth and a bit of added glam. Sorry stiletto fans, I know this is probably the time for high, high heels but I’m a walker (and a dancer) and I get frustrated if I can’t do either in exactly the fashion I choose. So feel free to exchange any or all of these shoes for something more strappy if that’s your bag.

As far as dresses go (it really should be a dress I’m guessing?) you can’t go far wrong with a little black number. Vary your length accordingly. If you’ve got the pins, flaunt ’em I say. I tend to go for on-the-knee and shoulders covered, but I love how these three frocks shown here are all so pretty and unusual in many ways, allowing the wearer to accentuate different parts of their figure. At the end of the day, when it comes to party dresses, I think you should just go for the one that makes your heart beat a little faster.


However, I will make one further suggestion: wear a decent coat! Not just because I’m in the north and feel the cold or because I’ve reached that sensible age when blue gooseflesh lacks all appeal but because I think a good coat can make or break a party outfit. It has to be the right length to complement your hemline (i.e. just cover it) otherwise it irks me slightly! If you’re going for a trouser look, firstly good on you, you’re a wise woman given the weather and secondly, reverse this rule of thumb; go for a short, chic jacket that ends around your hips to avoid the frump (same advice applies if you’re wearing a maxi dress).

But most importantly I think, stay warm and comfy. Nothing ruins a night like sore feet and hypothermia. Let lipstick, music, alcohol and friendship do the rest.

P.S. I created this wish list using Lyst, which I’ve been having a good old play around with. It’s a great resource for curating your favourite fashion items, from designer to high street, all in one place. It’s easy to define your search by price, brand, colour etc and then create as many personal ‘lysts’ as you like, to shop when you wish. It even notifies you when pieces go into sale which is handy. Best of all (a bit like pinterest) you can follow other people, see what they’re saving and be inspired by their lysts. Is this the future of shopping? I think so!

If you’d like details of the items I curated, take a look at my lysts here


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Molly //

I absolutely love all of these outfits you’ve put together Kat. However, those gold brogues at the bottom are AMAZING. Seriously lusting over those. I always struggle to find something to wear on my rare nights out with friends so I might need to invest in some of these picks. Totally with you on the heels and hyperthermia thing too!

Laura //

I totally know what you mean about staying warm and comfy – I hate being cold and always regret not taking a thick coat out at this time of the year. Love all of these super stylish picks

Laura x


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