Primark-Chloe-handbag-dupeThis bag caught my eye the other day, not least because I thought it had more than a touch of Chloe about it.

You know when you’re browsing a shop and something just leaps out at you and you’re not quite sure why? That’s what happened with this bag while I was having a quick look around Primark. It’s not my usual style to be honest, but the chain, the eyelets, the suspended tassels all reminded me of something and then I realised what: this season’s Chloe handbag range.

Of course this handbag is a long way off a Chloe piece, as is the price tag, but for just £7, it’s not a bad little ‘homage’. Let’s just take a look at some of those Chloe handbags in all their glory, for a quick compare and contrast, shall we?PicMonkey Collage4

Okay, so no one will be actually duped that you’re carrying the real thing, the Primark bag isn’t even real leather for a start, but that’s okay because it’s not intended to be a direct knock-off. Instead it’s a bit of fun that feels quite fancy on your arm and taps into some of those cool Chloe vibes at a fraction of the cost. And it actually feels pretty well made too!PicMonkey Collage5

At this point, I must apologise profusely if you can’t track one down in your local store. There were plenty available when I bagged mine, I promise!

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Sarah //

I love it – this is the second fab Primark bag I’ve seen recommended in the last couple of days! I’d love a new bag – I’ll definitely pop in this week to check it out – thank you!

Kathryn //

I know, I also picked up a great pale gold tote there which I am using non-stop at the moment. Definitely worth a look xx


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