This autumn, no trip (or even online visit) to ikea is complete without some or all of these purchases.

One day, during the holidays, we stopped by Ikea. Yes, we know how to enjoy ourselves. While some trips to Ikea can end in near divorce with nought to show for it but a 100 pack of tea lights, this one was a roaring success. Not only did we find everything we were looking for, plus a few impulse buys (of course), but we rounded it off with dinner in the cafe. Now that’s a good day out! But seriously, if you’re looking for some ideas for low risk, no regret Ikea purchases, I can highly recommend the following which have all happily found a home with us this autumn.picmonkey-image-copy-6

No I don’t really need any more bedding, but having had a recent clear out of older linen and unloved duvet covers, I felt justified in getting this reversible set called Blavinda, which has a soft beige brown on one side and narrow stripes on the other. It feels fresh yet perfect for autumn and I love anything that gives me a choice!

A small sheepskin rug has been on my wishlist for ages and while white or cream is classic, I was on the hunt for a grey/brown one and the Skold in beige is perfect. Happily I fished the last brown one out of the pile but there are lots available online. It’s beautifully soft as you’d imagine and  looks great all around the house either as a bedside rug or thrown over the back of our black leather swivel chair.

Since our last visit to ikea (nearly a year ago) there have been a couple of previous purchases I’ve really wanted to replace (one cushion that was chewed by a pet rat and a throw which I liked so much I just wanted another spare). So I was really pleased to see these items were still in stock and going strong. I guess I’m not the only person who loves them! We also wanted to add to the Dinera grey/blue dinner service we bought last time with a few more side plates and bowls in alternative complementary colours. And lastly, well I just couldn’t resist getting a couple of new plants and some stationery I discovered along the way. Because this is the joy of ikea, no?


 one / two / threefour / five / six

Throws and cushions are justified purchases at any of time of year but in the transition to autumn they’re almost obligatory. Mine get a lot of wear and tear as we all tend to snuggle up to watch TV or a film together. I bought this lovely Ormhassel throw last year when I was planning our lounge makeover (you can see the finished result here) and I love the colours and texture of this so much I was keen to grab another (to avoid sofa fights or maybe even to put at the bottom of my bed!). It’s now even more of a bargain at a slightly reduced price.

picmonkey-image-copy-5As well as the Malisen cushion mentioned earlier, with its fab geometric print, I also picked up a couple of plain covers in solid greys that I know will work with the existing scheme, including this Vigdis cushion cover, which looks far more expensive than it is.

And just in case you’re wondering what we actually went in for originally, it was more of the amazing Mosslanda picture ledges (we have them in practically every room of the house) because you can never have too big a picture gallery / wall feature (can you!!???).

P.S. I’m really hankering after this beautiful, it-could-be-vintage armchair but I’m still working on the justification for that one. Note to husband: how about in the back room if we get rid of the rats’ cage???



Kathryn //

Yeah they go with everything too, so you can mix in lots of different shades and textures (just more stuff basically), which I like 😉 xx

Alice //

Ooh temptation! I haven’t checked out any new-season stuff from IKEA yet but this has whet my whistle – must dig out the catalogue this evening and start writing my shopping list!

Caroline //

I’ll have one of everything please! :p
I love Ikea.. I try to stay away, which is easy as my nearest is nearly two hours away, but it is drivable.. However I’ve been good this year and actually only visited once.. However, with (Christmas) approaching, I am due my yearly visit.. I may screenshot this to take with



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