The second (and final) Alexa Chung for M&S collection launches on November 1st. The first one got some of us (me included) in quite a spin but will you be shopping this one? Let’s take a look and see what we fancy, shall we?

I was on a train heading down to London when the first Archive by Alexa collection went live on the M&S site earlier this year. I’d already whipped myself up into such excitement over it that I found myself shopping it directly from my phone (I had my eye on the pink frill blouse and duly bagged it asap). But will I be shopping this second bite of the cherry? Well, it is also the last chance saloon to get a bit of Alexa at high street prices. Apparently the style maven herself will be launching her own stand alone fashion label at some point in the future and I suspect it might not be quite so affordable.

So back to this collection. It has more of a party feel as befits this season so expect a bit more glitz and glamour. There are fewer quirky would-look-great-on-Alexa-but-looks-bizarre-on-me pieces and the whole feel is quite grown up and a little sexier as you’ll see.marksandspencer_98201304530212

Clarendon tux jacket: £59 / trousers: £55


Headrow jumper: £45 / Kirkgate skirt: £35


Portland dress: £45


Aire blouse: £39.50 / Dudley trousers: £45


Crown jacket: £99


Harper dress: £49.50 / New market boot: £85


Ellerby coat: £125 / Vicar dress: £55


Calverley dress: £49.50


Albion blouse: £35


York shoe: £39.50

My verdict? Great shoes, coats are pretty good, nice sweater, not sure about the dresses but that’s just me (I’m not a big fan of party wear). However, I absolutely love the velvet trouser suit and the fact you could wear it together or as separates makes it a really useful addition to the wardrobe and worth buying either or both. Plus, velvet, it’s on trend isn’t it and very Christmassy.

These photos (art directed by Alexa herself) don’t show all of the collection. Fans of the frilly cotton blouse might like the baby blue Lovell blouse (£35) and there’s also a delicate oyster pink satin Elland blouse (£35) to look out for. Plus there’s also the perfectly nice v-neck Wellington jumper in pink, grey and navy alternatives (£35). Not shown here is the black shiny Briggate trench (£89) that Alexa wore to London Fashion Week. Again, it looked fab on her but would make me look like I was touting for business. I much prefer the Templar coat (£99 – seen at the top of this post) which is more my speed. Finally, can I just say that I love how the pieces are named after streets in Leeds (where the M&S archive is based) – something not lost on this proud northerner.

What do you think?

Archive by Alexa launches on the M&S site on November 1st.



Francesca //

This is a great post! I’ve been desperately trying to find the whole collection online. I’m hoping to get my hands on the Ellerby coat – I’ll have to claw by way through Oxford Street. I’ve just started blogging and did a similar post on the 2nd Archive by Alexa…would love for you to check it out!

Kathryn //

Thanks Francesca! Good luck, I’m sure you’ll track down something you like from the collection. Off to read your post now xx

kirsty //

OMG! I love this!! I hadn’t realised there was another collection! I’m so glad you blogged about it!!! I’m gonna head over and see what’s left!!!!!!!!


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