An easy way to update your Xmas table

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I’ve been working on a styling project recently (will show you more soon) and researching ways to spruce up your Christmas dining table for the big day. Apart from all the lovely festive trimmings you can add to a table at this time of year like candles, fresh foliage and anything else that sparkles, there’s also a really easy (and fairly affordable) way to refresh things. 

I’ve realised the answer is to buy a new set of crockery (it doesn’t have to cost a lot) or just invest in one or two special new plates. I know that sounds a bit obvious, but hear me out. The idea is not to replace your other set but to add to it by mixing and stacking contrasting plates of different sizes and styles to create a more impressive and interesting table setting. Think more is more and look for plates with decorative or trimmed edges that will complement more everyday, simple crockery. The real bonus is that you don’t just have one special dinner service that only comes out at Christmas but a variety of plates that you can use and interchange all year round.

With this in mind, I’ve had a look online to pick out some of my favourite sets, including save and splurge ends of the spectrum, depending on your budget.dinner-serviceProduct details: clockwise: M&S / Anthropologie / Ikea / West Elm / George at Asda / Loaftable-settingsImage sources: clockwise: 1/2/3/4

Do you think you might be updating your dinnerware this Christmas? If you’d like a few more ideas, check out my new Dress the Table pinterest board.

(P.S. I’ve just got the set from Asda and it is really nice!)



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