Sometimes, nothing else will do than a good old pinning session. So grab your brew of choice (it doesn’t have to be photo-worthy) and enjoy a selection of my favourite Pinterest accounts.

Of all the social media platforms I frequent, I think Pinterest is the one I would save in a house fire. It’s the one I never grow tired of. Even, dare I say it, the one I can imagine still enjoying if and when I no longer blog! Let’s face it, social media relationships can be demanding and high maintenance. You can put a lot in and sometimes feel like you’re not getting much back. Instagram can be a bad boy indeed (especially since the new algorithm changes) and no matter how cruelly it treats me I keep going back for more. It’s a complex, love-hate relationship shall we say, and one that sometimes leaves me feeling self-doubting and despondent.

Pinterest on the other hand – it’s a real giver! Low-commitment and easy going, it’s always there for me when I need it and genuinely makes me feel better after every visit. It’s the one I always turn to for pleasure and comfort as much as inspiration and information. When the rest of the (real or online) world starts to feel like a complicated, crowded, negative or even worrying place, Pinterest can provide anything from a five minute pep talk to a virtual duvet day.

And considering it’s meant to be a form of ‘social’ media, it can be wonderfully anti-social in the sense that I can bury myself in pretty pictures and disappear down the rabbit hole of undiscovered boards without having to interact with a single person. Yet at the same time I can get a real feel for someone by looking through their Pinterest account and perusing their tastes. It’s positive voyeurism, in a totally non-stalking way.

So, at the end of what seems to have been one of the crappiest weeks (in a year that will go down in history as one of the crappiest itself), I’ve been having a complete love-in with Pinterest this weekend. And I thought it was a good opportunity to share some of my favourite accounts.


Wild & Grizzly

I love both Lori’s blog and instagram and her Pinterest boards are an extension of her cool, relaxed, design-loving aesthetic. She’s great to follow if you love clean, Scandi-Style interiors with a hint of bohemian and her boards have enough blush pink to keep me happy too.

Favourite board: Check out the inspiration for her beautiful bedroom makeover



Julia has incredible style and many of her boards feature some of her own great outfits and styled flatlays, created with her enviable eye and skills with a camera. Follow her to discover new fashion labels, great denim and a love of handbags, not to mention plenty of cups in frames.

Favourite board: Julia is a self-confessed denim addict so go check.


Holly Booth

Holly is a product photographer, so as well as featuring some of her own inspirational work, her boards are filled with styling ideas, branding advice, photography tips plus her own fab taste in fashion and interiors. She’s also a dedicated French bulldog owner so expect one or two cute doggies too.

Favourite board: Right now, I’m loving this black, white and gold theme.


Brittany Bathgate

For anyone who worships at the altar of Cos and loves a clean, minimalist, design-led approach to their fashion, interiors and lifestyle. I’ve never thought of myself as a minimalist but Brittany’s taste is often so appealing and she always pins the interesting, unique and slightly avant garde.

Favourite board: I just love her taste in shoes!


Kym Grimshaw

Kym is a Bristol-based food blogger whose instagram is amazing. But her Pinterest boards are just as much of a foodie heaven. I’m not the greatest cook but that doesn’t stop me pinning all the delicious looking dishes and there’s plenty to be had here. Beyond that, there’s plenty of food styling and photography inspo as well as recipes.

Favourite board: I love the collection of beautiful, indie cafes and restaurants she’s pinned.


The Online Stylist

Last but by no means least, Amanda is a real Pinterest devotee and I love her classic, monochrome aesthetic, which is always elevated with luxury and sparkle. Expect to find ideas for styling wardrobe staples, coffee worship and flatlays galore plus lots of seasonal, festive cheer.

Favourite board: Amanda loves Christmas so get all your holiday ideas here.

Happy pinning!



Laura //

Loved reading this post as I am always on the lookout for boards to follow – Love Lori (Wild and Grizzly)
Laura x

Amanda //

Aw thanks so much lovely Kat! I love love love Pinterest too – many a happy hour spent on there. Thanks for the ideas – I adore Wild & Grizzly – I was following on Instagram but not Pinterest! How can this be?? Anyhoo – now put to rights!
Have a lovely weekend! Amanda xx


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