6 of the best knitted hats

Woolley hatswooley hatswoolleyhats4Following on from my ‘homage to the bobble hat’ post the other day, I thought it only right and proper that I pick out a few of my favourites online, in case I’d managed to convince you of the woolly hat’s fashion prowess. If you’re still not sure, start out slowly with a nice simple beanie before eventually working yourself up to full on, I can entertain small children and kittens with my amazing faux fur pom-pom, style bobble hats. Details and links below. 

1. Chunky knit hat with mohair pom-pom, £39, Boden

2. Nessa beanie hat in navy, £35, Hush

3. Tricot wool hat, £20, Atterley

4. Annabelle bobble hat, £17.50, White Stuff

5. Boyfriend link stitch hat, £14.95, Gap

6. Faux fur pom-pom hat, £15, M&S

Which one’s your favourite?

P.S. I don’t need to mention that these would make great Christmas gifts!




Katy //

Number 2 and number 5 please! I love a bit of bobble hat action (and secretly hope for really cold weather so that I can wear one xx


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