How do you dress smartly on hot summer days? Is it ever okay to wear flip-flops to the office? What works from desk to dinner? So many questions. I’m never sure I have the answer but this outfit does it for me.

Details: T-shirt: New Look / Skirt: Gap / Blazer: Primark / Bag: TK Maxx / Necklace: Alex Monroe / Sandals: Greece! (try these).

Firstly, let me start by saying that I am NOT complaining AT ALL about the weather. This summer has been top notch, a-okay, just swell. The fact that I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be cool and find myself staring into my wardrobe, stroking my sweaters nostalgically, is neither here nor there. But to be honest I’m just not great at any type of extreme weather. I really feel the cold but I don’t do well on very hot, sultry days either. I know, I know, I’m never satisfied and am just a weather bore. I’m fine with that. Give me a nice spring morning or a brisk autumn day and I’m happy. I think this is why knitwear usually features so heavily in my ¬†outfits. I know where I am with a jumper. But back to summer and what to wear right now.

I picked up this skirt recently from Gap which is one of those places I rarely shop but then every once in a while I find just what I’m looking for. I’ve been looking for a knee-length skirt with a nice detail and this one is in a comfy cotton fabric that’s perfect for the heat. I also succumbed finally to the mini round wicker handbag trend after I spotted some in my local TK Maxx going for a song. It’s so cute, like a little picnic hamper complete with red gingham lining. Of course it’s completely impractical as it only fits a phone, keys, glasses at a push but I just couldn’t resist. I’d definitely need a cloth tote bag in addition to this to carry any other extras but it’s perfect for a summer holiday/weekend outfit when you’re travelling light.

These photos were snapped just before the school holidays (as you can probably tell by my carefree gaze and jaunty step) but I thought it was a good example of what I’ve been wearing on hot days when I want to stay cool (and look vaguely put together). A lightweight blazer is always an easy win and is great for throwing on over a t-shirt first thing in a morning or later in the evening when the temperature finally starts to drop.

And yes I think flip-flops or slides are acceptable in the office but I tend to stick to leather or neutral colours (rather than bright and beachy styles). I bought this handmade pair years ago from an artisan shop in Rhodes Old Town, Greece. The shop was tiny and filled from floor to ceiling in leather sandals. They are so comfortable and still going strong. But let’s face it, in this heat I think we should all just wear whatever the heck we like.

Be cool honey bunnies!



Susan Earlam //

I’m so with you on the extremes of weather thing. I just can’t hack it! I’m actually sat here with a cardi on and love how it feels!


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