Special occasion dressing with Anthropologie

Anthropologie-jumpsuit-floral-weddingI do love a nice frock however I must admit I think I love the ease and versatility of trousers more. For one you don’t have to worry quite so much about whether your legs are in a constant state of readiness. But more so I like the fact you can relax that little bit more; kick back on the grass or go for it on the dance floor. Unless you have perfect pins, skirts can be just too unpredictable in a gust of wind and tricky to get right as you grow older (I only really do on-the-knee or midi lengths nowadays).

So all of this leads me nicely on to my new found solution to special occasion dressing: jumpsuits! They are really having a moment again this summer with their nod to the seventies trend and I love this floaty, floral, ultra feminine version from Anthropologie.

They recently tasked me with choosing an item from their current range that could be worn to an occasion like the Henley Regatta. I’ve been to this event a few years ago and it’s a tricky one to judge. It’s sort of wedding attire with a casual, fun, sporty vibe so I thought the silk Lily jumpsuit would work well; it looks the part but you could easily while away the day drinking prosecco and picnicking on the grass in it too. I reckon it would look pretty smart with a blazer but just as nice with a faded denim jacket thrown over your shoulders. I also teamed it with a beaded floral clutch which is one of the prettiest I’ve seen this season and is just the right size for all your party bits and bobs.


Outfit details: jumpsuit & clutch bag: c/o Anthropologie / shoes & necklace: vintage / bracelets: People Tree


Would love to know what you think!



Gill Crawshaw //

Oh WOW! You look amazing, excellent choice. I always think of jumpsuits as being more of a boilersuit affair, but this is seriously lovely. I need to get involved in this trend x

Alison //

Gorgeous. Really really lovely. I need to experiment more with jumpsuits. I saw a lady walk past the cafe I was in, earlier, wearing a denim culotte jumpsuit- sounds horrible but it looked awesome on her.

Lisa //

I LOVE this on you! So pretty. I’m so tempted by jumpsuits but I think a plain pattern would be best for me (my thighs!). Hmm, I think I need to do some research! X

Kathryn //

Oh thanks Lisa. That jumpsuit was actually really flattering: wide, loose trousers (my thighs too!!!), elasticated waist and the frilly bit at the top sort of balanced me out! 🙂 xxx

Adele @ Circus Queen //

Soon after we got together Laurence went to Henley with his mum. I didn’t go and certainly wouldn’t have had anything to wear at the time (I was a student) but from what I’ve seen, this outfit would have put a little twist on the usual Henley attire. It is absolutely lovely on you. I’m not sure I’m the right shape for a jumpsuit but I do love seeing them on others.

Niki //

I love it! I’m a HUGE fan of jumpsuits, and always think they look more chic than dresses. I’ll be wearing one to a wedding I’m attending next month!

Kathryn //

I think I’m a convert too. Thanks for your comment Niki. Hope you have a lovely time at the wedding x


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