One more Breton striped top

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot all Breton striped tops are made equal and this is a good thing, otherwise how could I justify having such a ridiculous collection of them. A bit like zebras, sometimes it’s hard to tell if they’re navy stripes on white or white stripes on navy. So just in case, best to have both. Traditionally, said stripes should be navy but black is nice too so let’s have those ones as well. Long sleeves is also classic but then short sleeves are quite useful in summer and I’m a big fan of the quarter-length sleeve as well (flattering and oh so handy in this climate). Wise to have a selection of all three. But what if the stripes aren’t all horizontal but go in different directions? Sacre bleu, now there’s an idea. Enter my newest, latest Breton….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoden-Breton-Stripe-TopOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOkay let’s drop the dodgy french accent as this outfit is actually quite a British take on riviera style and hence the old fashioned telephone boxes seemed very fitting. I’m not sure it was really warm enough to go sockless but I wanted to try out my new wide cropped trousers and loafers too. I’m being far too impatient for spring as usual. Thankfully I’m not adversed to pulling on a pair of socks if the weather requires it and not long after these photos were taken I decided to don something warmer while ensconced under a restaurant table. That’s probably why I’ll never pass for a Parisian.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHowever, special mention should be given to these new wider style cropped trousers, which Boden has brought out this season. They sort of give a nod to the trend for culottes without being too wide and are made with the same slightly stretchy fabric of their previous incarnation. Comfy, flattering they easily go from work to weekend. I love this sort of teal blue/green colour they come in as well as the more classic navy, which I have as well. I expect I’ll be wearing them most of the summer (when I’m not in wide-legged, cropped jeans, obviously).Breton-striped-topBut back to my new Breton. It’s really very different to any of my other striped tops as should be patently obvious (to anyone who’s female anyway). I love this new take on the classic style, worn loose and easy-breezy, a little bit quirky and off-kilter, traditional with a twist. If it could talk, it would definitely have a British accent.

Top / Trousers / Bag / Shoes

Thanks to Natasha from Candy Pop, for taking these photos.




Friederike //

Interesting and nice to read, your post, as usual.

Why couldn`t you solve your “warmth-problem” by wearing tights?

Kathryn //

Thanks, I’m not sure why but i find it difficult to wear tights underneath trousers 🙂 xx

Kathryn //

Ah no, that was down to my ‘location scout’ Natasha, who’s snapped photos there before 😉

Molly //

Ooh I LOVE that top Kat. I’m on the lookout for a new Breton so this is definitely being added to my list of potentials. Also – those trousers! Major heart eyes. x

laura redburn //

it would be wrong to not have a collection of striped tops! apparently, as a short, busty woman i ‘shouldn’t’ wear horizontal stripes, but to hell with that!

Laura //

I really love the cut on this top and it really adds a new dimension to the normal Breton tee – also can I just say how much I love your shoes

Laura x

fritha //

You look so good in those trousers Kat, I can never find ones that fit me properly so I’m always envious of people who can wear them, especially in this cute style! x


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