What do you wear on summer days that aren’t that summery? When floaty dresses and sandals just aren’t going to cut it? That’s when I turn to my faithful old dungas. And they work come rain or shine.

I know some people are pretty resistant to the charms of dungarees (and I’ll probably never persuade you) but if any of you are still wavering, wondering what all the fuss is about, then I think it’s time to give them a go. Yes, it may take a bit of trying on and faffing about to find your perfect pair but the same could be said of jeans and we still do it don’t we?.

I’ve extolled the virtues of dungarees before and I have a couple of pairs (pale ones and a darker wash – both from Fat Face). What makes them so appealing for me is the comfort factor. On days when your tummy needs cosseting rather than squishing and you just want to let it all hang out, they are a godsend. And no need to worry about hoiking them up every five minutes. Just strap yourself in and you’re good to go!

Okay, going to the loo is slightly more inconvenient I’ll grant you but it’s a small price to pay for the feeling of effectively being in your PJs all day (see also jumpsuits) – just don’t wear them to a festival (portaloos: bleugh!).

I like these light coloured ones right now as they feel a little more summery especially when worn with a billowy blouse or peasant top. Tip: full sleeves help to balance out your top and bottom half if you’re worried dungas might make you feel a bit pear-shaped (as I do).

But should the temperatures begin to rise again (let’s hope so), you could easily swap in a tee-shirt or long-sleeved Breton and a pair of clogs or Saltwater sandals to transition the look. In the meantime, I’m pairing mine with leather trainers or a cheery boot like these red western style from Office (the closest I’ll get to the Chloe Suzannas), because puddle-dodging in flip-flops ain’t fun. Sunglasses: optional!




Need any further dunga-styling inspo? Have a look at my Dungarees pinterest board.


Thanks to Natasha for taking these photos!



Lucy //

Y’see.. I really want to get a pair of dungarees. I’ve been mulling it over for ages. I like this colour and the relaxed look. You look great in them.. but you’d probably look great in anything! Think I’m persuaded xx

Kathryn //

That’s debatable but thanks Lucy!! I’d say, try a few on and you might surprise yourself xx

Kirsty //

I love love love this outfit Kat – you look amazing! I love a good pair of dungarees but my hips don’t ageee!!!!!! Love it and those boots!!!!

Fritha Strickland //

I’ve loved dungerees for ages and always thought I didn’t have the right body shape for them until I got my fat face ones! You look great, love how you teamed them with a red boot! X


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