January calls for bold colours to offset the shades of grey (both in my wardrobe and outside my window) and as soon as I saw this red skirt it literally filled a need in me, like a chromatic shot in the arm.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been so drawn to red recently. Why, I have no idea. This is a colour I have steered clear of for quite some time after all. The last item of clothing I wore in this vivid hue was a pair of pillar box red trousers circa 3 years ago that on reflection probably made me look like a children’s TV presenter. It didn’t help that I was teaming them will other bright and florid pieces I expect.

Whereas now I feel I’ve rediscovered the joy of red and grey – as a colour combination, it just works doesn’t it, although I would also maybe risk it with dark, bottle green and definitely with a white tee in summer and some silver trainers.

Now let’s just deal with the elephant in the room that this is yet another pleated midi skirt (are you starting to love or hate them yet?). This is technically my fourth (I already have a grey one, a black/white one and a plain black one) so I think we can safely say this new red one covers off the coloured version: box tick.

And yes they can be tricky to wear, especially at this time of year when some of us are still feeling a little bit of January bloat (*raises hand*) so a skirt that tends to draw attention to your waist / bottom isn’t always welcome. As you can see I’ve styled it the same way as most of my others; with a sweater pulled firmly down over the (muffin) top, which grazes over the tummy and if long enough will also help to cynch things in a bit around the hip/thigh area.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who still feels fairly sylph-like post Christmas (how, how?) then go for it with a shorter, boxy top that balances out top and bottom and draws attention to your waist.

So I wore this outfit yesterday to meet a lovely long-standing blog friend for a catch up and a pep talk (just what I needed to shake off my January post-Christmas fug), an afternoon of working from the coffee shop before heading to an evening press event later that day. And it served me pretty well I think.

Let’s not lie, red demands attention so it’s not so great if you still feel like hiding under your duvet right now (which I do today as it’s been a long week and I’m still fighting off a cold) but on a more action-packed day when you need your clothes to make the effort on your behalf, this red skirt did a lot of the talking for me.

outfit details:

Coat: New Look (sold out online, still available in some stores), Sweater: Barbour* / Skirt: H&M / Bag: TK Maxx (similar in & Other Stories / Watch: Newgate* / Boots: Clarks (old)


Anyone else so, so glad it’s nearly the weekend? I don’t know about you but January is kicking me a bit at the moment.

P.S. Thanks to Lisa for taking these photos.


BlondPolkaDots //

Never thought of red and grey? But it’s good. Grey neutralises the red somewhat and red glass up the grey. Perfect!

Lisa //

Love this outfit so much – you look gorgeous. I’m defo gonna wear red and grey more too. Was lovely seeing your face again. Will book another date in soon


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