Having extolled the virtues of denim alternatives, I thought it only fair (in true contradictory blogger fashion) to write a post about how I’m actually wearing my jeans lately; namely my new-found love of ‘Mom’ jeans.

Hate the name, love the fit!

I think we’d be lying to say that the majority of us don’t live in our jeans, most of the time. And while I try to drag myself out of that denim rut with pleated skirts, the odd dress and smarter trousers, it’s my jeans I turn to on a regular basis, which is why I have a little stockpile of different styles. Cropped jeans for summer, darker washes for winter, paler ones for summer, skinnies, a ‘smart’ pair for nights out, a pair of black wide-legged jeans I’ve just bought from Gap because I wanted something comfy I could slob out in over Easter. And that’s not counting my growing collection of dungarees. Anyway, I did have a clear-out over the holidays, donating several pairs. But I also rediscovered this pair of light blue ‘mom’ style jeans (Boden, last year). I’m still not really okay with that name but who cares as I’ve decided the flattering leg and higher waist is just what I need right now.

I’ve also been making more of a conscious effort to ‘shop my wardrobe’ rather than just buying new stuff for the sake of it. Over the break I did my annual winter/summer swap over, where I take some summery stuff out of storage and put away the heavier sweaters etc. We’re only talking about a couple of small bags but it always makes my wardrobe feel reinvigorated and I like welcoming back a few old favourites (though most of them are currently residing on the ironing pile right now). And you realise that there are so many things that will work perfectly well with or instead of the current season’s trends.

For example, I’m gratified to see that the granny/glove shoe is still going strong this season (it’s my kinda heel), especially as I bought the same pair in light grey and blush pink from New Look last year and they go with so much of my wardrobe. Regular readers will also see I’m still toting that gold bag from last summer, which I should rename my smug bag. It’s still one of the most commented on items I own (both online and in real life) and was a complete bargain from Primark. I’ve been carrying my laptop and kiddo crap around in it for year and it looks as good as the day I bought it, so if it ain’t broke….I’ll try to link to a few similar ones currently available if you fancy one.

One new recent purchase was this sweater (the red obsession continues), which is cashmere and from the Premium collection at Tu Clothing in Sainsbury’s. Since buying a new trench coat from there recently, I’ve been stalking this range slightly to see if there are any other bargain gems to be found. I can report the cashmere feels as good as any other I own (though I haven’t washed it yet) and at full price (£50) would have still been pretty good for high street but I picked it up half price in the sale.

Outfit details:

Coat & Jeans: Boden (past season) / Bag: Primark (past season) / Necklace: Alex Monroe / Watch: Newgate / Shoes: New Look (past season)


One thing I do hoard quite badly is coats. I just can’t throw them out – they’re like old friends. And since I spend about 90% of the year wearing one, I’m happy to have a few alternatives when I want to mix things up. The grey above and the mauve below are from my ‘summer’ collection (ha!), being both light in colour and weight. But seriously, a good quality coat in a style that suits you (and which doesn’t really date) is a great way to refresh your wardrobe a bit. It’s nice to wave TTFN to my heavy, darker coats for a bit and bring these out as well as my denim / leather jackets.

Take this blouse (shown below) as a further example. Having hummed and harred over whether to buy a gingham top (and whether that should also be off-the-shoulder Bardot style or with huge sleeves or bow details etc etc), I realised I still love the simplicity of this black & white striped blouse (H&M, last year but this one is a very close substitute). I love stripes. I’m not sure I like gingham in quite the same way, though I can admire it on others. And to be honest, while this may make me a bad fashion blogger, sometimes I just don’t want to jump on every passing bandwagon, y’know?

I also thought I’d give the gold boots a bit more airtime because I adore them but also I believe things should be worn, not just admired on a shelf. Okay they’re not school run attire but for a lunch date or night out they just add a bit of shiny which I love (and I can actually walk in them which is always helpful I find). Plus, as you may have noticed, I have a bit of a thing for gold these days (in moderation).

Outfit details:

Coat & bag: Great Plains (past season) / Jeans & sunglasses: Boden (past season) / Blouse: H&M (past season) / Boots: &OtherStories (last season) / watch: Newgate.


P.S. The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice I’ve also had that fringe cut in. It’s taking a little getting used to and I’m not 100% sure it will be sticking around long term, but it’s been nice to try something a little bit different for a change. Life’s too short after all, right? Cut your hair if you want to, buy the gold boots if you love them, that’s what I say!

Photo credit: Greig Sharman


Sian BlondPolkaDots //

Loving the hair, whether you keep the fringe or not, a bob really works on you. Its not as blond as you have been but still lovely. That coat is so lovely and I do like gingham but not off the shoulder flared cuffs as I would only dip them into everything I am eating.

lori //

Love the gold boot and blush look with the mom jeans! I don’t actually own a pair but might need to switch that up a bit i reckon! x

Old Fashioned Susie //

Big fan of mom jeans! They are flattering and comfortable which is a no brainier for me! Love the fringe. I had one years ago but my hairline doesn’t really work with one

Louise //

Hi Kat
If you are ever in Inverness drop into Maggie Blyth’s Boutique.
I found it by chance when my husband and I were up there in March.
At my age 55 sometimes you feel a bit apprehensive going into a bespoke independent boutique but they made me and hubby feel so welcome. The clothes were fantastic – cater for any size or shape. Well worth a trip.
Love your articles and admire your classy style very much.
Keep on posting

Kathryn //

Thanks Louise, that’s very kind of you to say. That boutique sounds great! xx

Jenna //

Really refreshing to see your posts using past season items that still look bang on with current fashion trends. I love your fringe. You could really wear it fuller, it would look lovely too xxxx

Kathryn //

Thanks Jenna, I really do like getting some old favourites out and ‘rediscovering’ them alongside a few new bits. As for the fringe, thank you, I’m still not sure about committing to it long term but I’m getting used to it xx


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