img_6055Granny shoes are still hanging around, kicking up their heels. Here’s how I’ve been wearing them lately.

Never one to jump on a band wagon too soon, it took me a while to get on board with the ‘granny’ or ‘glove’ shoe. Not because I didn’t immediately love them – I did. They instantly appealed to my enduring love of all things granny chic, man-repellant, slightly vintage and ever so slightly frump. But for months, I struggled to find the right pair in the right size and the right colour. I hankered for the butter soft, grey Topshop versions but they came up almost a size too big on me and then sold out before I could get a replacement.

I very nearly went for some Mango/Zara numbers but I felt the heel was a tad too high to make them do-able for me (this is about as high as I go these days). I loved a pair of lipstick red ones some retailer did (can’t remember) but really wanted something neutral to go with everything. And then New Look (I don’t work for that shop by the way, it’s just so good lately) released these nude ones (also in black and grey). They are suedette but still ridiculously comfy (just as any granny would desire) and only £20. At that price, you could get all three shades but that might appear greedy.

While I admired my new shoes and cooed over their perfect shade (not cream, not taupe, not pink but yes nude) and instagrammed them (obviously), I still wasn’t quite sure how I was going to work them into my wardrobe or if I would really choose them over my comfy flats and trainers. Teaming them with jeans is a no brainer and I love the contrast that look creates. But on a couple of occasions when I wanted to feel a bit more dressed up I worried the granny shoe might look too much and lose its ironic cool factor.

In the outfit below, we we walking (yes, on foot) into town for brunch one Saturday morning so I thought I’d road test the grannies, literally. They did pretty well (though I did pack a pair of flats in my bag just in case since this was their maiden voyage). Walking lots in new shoes is just folly after all, no?

I wore them with some navy cigarette pants (a pair I bought from Sfera in Palma last year) and a cotton sweatshirt from Beaumont Organic (now in the sale but only the navy version is left), in the hopes of doing that smart/casual thing.granny-shoes-ways-to-wear IMG_6056crop PicMonkey Collage2img_6058cropAnother time, I took Greig out for lunch to celebrate his birthday and wanted to feel like I’d made an effort. My new pleated skirt (again from New Look, now sold out, but I also bought this newer version recently), felt quite dressy especially with heels but I played it down with a chambray blouse tucked in at the waist to give some definition. I know some people find these skirts hard to wear but I think you have to wear them high on the waist, with a lightweight top so as not to add bulk to your tummy. Either that or an oversized, long sweater worn loose over the top. PicMonkey Collage4OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPicMonkey Collage5p6281140crop

Both these looks would be okay for work too, which is where the granny shoe also comes into its own; smart enough for the office but easy on the commute. What do you think?



Kathryn //

You rock a midi skirt Jess and I can see why you like them – I’ve definitely got into the long pleated skirt this summer xx

Eleanor //

I deffo prefer the trousers look with these shoes, I think it’s very chic, actually. Those skirts never suit me, but I think they suit you a lot, especially in the colour palette you’ve chosen. Not granny at all!

Kathryn //

I’m always happier in jeans or trousers too to be fair Eleanor, but sometimes it’s nice to force yourself out of your comfort zone and into a skirt every now and then 😉 xx

Rachel //

You look great in both outfits but I LOVE the cigarette pants version. I want that grey sweatshirt! (the navy is nice but I do love a grey sweater!). I haven’t tried out granny shoes – I’ve basically been living in sandals or trainers whilst on mat leave, saving my shoe buying for a nice pair when I return to work.

Not sure my colleagues will get the cool factor though 🙂


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