These boots were getting such a lot of love on my instagram recently, I felt they needed a dedicated blog post. Not least because when it came to styling them up, it proved harder than you’d think.

I’ve always wanted a pair of gold boots and when I saw these beauties (the very last pair in the shop, in the sale and in my size), I just had to have them. Since then I’ve displayed all the classic behaviour of someone with a mild shoe obsession when they get a new pair they love. I’ve stroked them lovingly, admired them from all angles and taken photos of them (of course). I’ve also sashayed around the house in them (just to wear them in a little but really because the thought of inflicting anything but carpet on these babies seemed too much to bear). But the time came for their maiden voyage – these boots were made for walking after all – and I decided to wear them on a daytime date with the mister.

But what the hell do I wear them with? Jeans seemed the obvious answer but none of my current denim looked right with them. Wrong colour, wrong length, wrong hem; these were turning out to be Goldilocks boots! So I had a rethink. In times such of this, I tend to work by the rule of opposites, a bit like the high/low school of thought. To wear anything remotely glam or too embellished with these boots would have felt a bit overdone for me so I decided to try the smart, slightly traditional route. And in my current wardrobe that means tweeds and checks.  I don’t know if the outfit worked but I liked it. I even got a compliment from the owner of a cafe when he happened to notice my new boots, subtly shimmering underneath the table. And that’s what I like about them and how I like to wear them too. They’re a little bit of fairy dust in an otherwise normal day, a surprising glister in a fairly sensible outfit. Maybe I’ll eventually team them with a rock band tee and a pair of jeans (if I can find the right pair) come summer.So, I know it’s really annoying to blog something (and wax lyrical about said item), when it’s all sold out. But really, metallic boots are a bit like porridge, everyone likes them just so. These happen to be my perfect pair (pale gold, square toe, low block heel) but that’s not to say they’re yours. Luckily, the high street has some great versions (one of them is sure to be just right) so if you’re in the market for a pair, I’ve picked out a few examples for you to peruse below. However, if you do love mine as much as I do, I think this pair from Topshop are the closest match I’ve found, and at £30 are the same price.


Outfit details: Coat: New Look / Blouse: Tu clothing (old) / Trousers: Zara / Boots: &OtherStories (sold out) / bag: M&S

And just in case you’re a bit stumped (as I was) on how to wear metallic boots – try this Pinterest board.




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