pb160928Floral dresses aren’t just for summer. Pick a suitably ‘moody bloom’ print, make it maxi in length and this is a frock you can rock all the way through until next summer. Take a look at my favourite picks from the high street.

autumn-outfitpb160860unknown7unknown3I’ll be honest, I saw this H&M dress in a magazine while I was stuck on one of my many train journeys between London and Yorkshire recently. Being bored on the train with a fairly decent wifi signal meant I was able to indulge in a bit of retail therapy on my phone but when I searched the site for this dress it was nowhere to be seen.

Hmmm. That’s not how instant gratification is supposed to work! Of course I wanted it even more then, especially as it was such a good price too. For a while now I’ve been after something to get me out of my jeans rut. About this time in winter I start to get really bored and a bit depressed by the habit I fall into of just dragging on some jeans in the morning, when it’s too cold and dark to really care what you look like. I fancied a dress, a flowery, printed one at that. Regular readers of this blog will know that I haven’t worn any multicoloured floral prints for quite some time. So this was obviously a deep-seated need, born of some kind of SADS. Maybe. Anyway, I needed to heed the call.floral-winter-dresses

BW Flowy print dress, £79.99, Mango / Long printed dress, £49.99, Zara

pb160928pb160920unknowncloseupSo I was particularly pleased to find the very same dress in a Leeds branch of H&M a few days later while I happened to be shopping with a friend. I’ve since seen it in a London branch too, so while it’s still not available online (I would’ve linked to it if I could), I think you’d definitely be able to track it down at a shop near you if you had half a mind to.

I love the dark background of this dress and while the floral print is quite exotic, the autumnal colour palette makes it feel totally appropriate for winter. I also liked the fact it was long sleeved and high-necked to keep out any chills at this time of year. Having said that you could always shove a polo neck under some of the other styles I’ve picked out here, which would make the outfit extra cosy and add to the slightly 70s feel of it too.


/ Black floral chiffon dress, £50, River Island / Scratch floral midi dress, £49, Topshop

unknown6unknown2unknown8unknown4As you can see, I wore mine with some Converse for a day of schlepping round London for press days. Not only are my Chucks comfy but they have a good grip which was handy when the rain came later that day and the streets of London became wet and slippery. I just struggle with heels a lot of the time but I’d also team this dress with any of my boots in black, brown and grey. I found that a longer length, darker coat helped to tie the whole look together too (anything shorter than knee-length can tend to look a bit odd with a longer dress or is it just me?).


Patterned maxi dress, £49.99, H&M / / Mela black floral print dress, £30, New Look /



Old fashioned Susie //

You’ve nailed the glam grunge bohemian look here. I love it, although if it was me I’d be getting in a tights/maxi dress tangle as I always find static wearing this type of thing

Kathryn //

Thanks Sus!! It wasn’t too bad – I just couldn’t face bare legs all day long! Xx

Kathryn //

Thanks, Greig and I took them underneath a railway bridge on such a cold windy day so it’s a miracle they turned out ok! xx

Jules //

Such a beautiful dress! You look gorgeous! I’d have never thought to team it with that footwear either and it looks so great xx


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