Feeling Finery (+ a daytime date)

p1200185-cropLast week Greig and I took a holiday (Madonna-style) so that we could have a little daytime date. We just had some food and went to the flicks but it felt like a nice chance to get dressed up in some new purchases I made from Finery recently. I picked up this sweater and skirt in the January sales (a good time to try out a new label without spending too much) and saved them for a special occasion such as this.

Finery-outfitI recently posted about the death of Atterley (RIP), a gap which I think I could happily plug with Finery. This online retailer has all the cool design details of Cos at a slightly more affordable price point. The clothes feel classic, wearable but with just enough kook to make them feel different. And I love their slightly quirky/ugly shoe range but that’s a whole other post. Finery-sweaterp1200200Point in question, this skirt (sadly sold out now) has a raw edge at the waist and hemline which is subtle but special. I also love the contrast of textures in this sweater (also sold out, soz about that, try the outlet section on the site for more sale bargains), which mixes a soft fluffiness with a smarter, fine gauge knit on the back, hems and cuffs. It’s all in the details as they say; something that often seems to be sacrificed at the cheaper end of the high street.

It was really cold that day so we soon hightailed it to a coffee shop, hand-in-hand and more importantly without a buggy. I will just say that I did have to adjust my gait to this skirt. I’m used to a fast, school run stride these days and I’d forgotten how long, tight-fitting skirts reduce you to mincing Geisha mode but it was quite nice to be made to slow down for a change I guess!

We have a new branch of Filmore & Union in Harrogate, which is just so nice inside. I try not to do chains too often and support the growing range of fab local independents that we are lucky to have here. But F&U still feels quite unique to me and I love the fact you can eat something that tastes amazing there and it’s still considered a health food.FilmoreandUnioncoconut-milk-pancakesAs we were heading to an early showing at the cinema (in time to finish for the school run), we decided to have a fairly hearty brunch to see us through. Greig had the ‘skinny’ cooked breakfast and I had the so-called ‘healthy’ pancakes made with coconut milk, accompanied by plain yogurt, fresh fruit and maple syrup. It was far too delicious, seriously how can that be good for me? I’m not going to argue with the menu though.photo 5-3 coffeeI love days like these; talking nonsense, making plans, eating slowly, though the time seems to pass by at twice the speed. We are currently without a babysitter since our last one went to uni and so we’ve decided that daytime dates are the way forward (especially as they actually work out cheaper without the cost of a sitter). It’s either that or we don’t spend any time together child-free, which is probably not good in the long run.filmore-union-harrogatephoto 3-3By the time we’d finished watching The Danish Girl (beautiful, sad, made me want to visit Copenhagen), we had just enough time to make the school pick-up and the kids always seem so much more excited when Greig is there to meet them too (even if it is once in a blue moon).walking

Just need to get the hang of these long skirts. People who wear them: how do you get anywhere (fast)?

Outfit details: Sweater & skirt: Finery /Coat: H&M (old)/ Trainers (last season) & Bag (new season): c/o Boden



Slummy single mummy //

We had a similar date day last Monday – we went out for lunch and then went to watch The Danish Girl. We had such a lovely time – it made me long for retirement!

Alice //

Looking gorgeous as always Kat! Loving the coat and jumper – must keep an eye on Finery, I think you’re right, it’ll plug the Atterley gap perfectly xx

Kathryn //

Harrogate has really changed since I grew up here as a kid. We do have some nice places to try now (it’s not all Bettys!). Thanks Jess xx

Sue //

I spotted those ugly/nice shoes you are on about. Still cant decide!! Bet you could pull them off though!

Laura //

Oh wow what a lovely daytime date and really liking this Finery store – that jumper and jacket is amazing

Laura x


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