I told you the cherry blossom was looking particularly fine in Harrogate this Spring! One of my many favourite bits about living here, the cherry trees along The Stray are a sight to behold when they’re in full bloom and provide a great back drop for a little outfit shoot too.

Outfit details:

Jeans: Gap / T-shirt: & Other Stories (sold out online – try instore / Jacket: Monsoon / Sunglasses: Boden (last season) / Shoes: Converse / Bag: Bohemia

One of the items on my bucket list is to experience the cherry blossom – or sakura – in Japan. Well, just to get to Japan at all would be amazing but if I can manage to time it so I’m there in springtime, then a tour of the pink trees would be the cherry (blossom) on the cake. But in the meantime, I’m happy to make the most of whatever we can get here.

On one section of the Stray in Harrogate the walkways are lined with cherry trees, creating a pink frothy canopy under which you can walk and when the petals inevitably drop it’s like walking along the prettiest aisle of confetti. It’s always so fleeting of course, especially as Harrogate is constantly breezy and that blossom doesn’t last long. So this year, which seemed to be a particularly good one, I was determined to try and capture it for posterity.

The outfit was a fairly standard weekend one, though the t-shirt and jeans were quite new. As I mentioned previously, I’d recently added to my denim stockpile with these flared black jeans from Gap. They have that wide-legged, slightly clownish feel about them (which I kinda like) and it’s good to have a pair of jeans that aren’t blue and therefore don’t feel like jeans (if that makes sense). You feel slightly smarter in them (especially if worn with a low heel) and they also allow you to get out the jean jacket without doing double denim. Ah denim jackets…now I know that spring is truly here!

P.S. If I was really going to do this outfit justice I should have had one of those cool, wooden Japanese picnic basket bags from Cult Gaia but sadly I haven’t, because I’m just not that cool and I can’t afford one either. Maybe I’ll just have to put one on my bucket list too!?



Photo credit: Greig Sharman


Lucy //

Absolutely digging the fringe. Love the outfit. Japan is on my bucket list too… although Harrogate is looking just as good right now X

Kathryn //

Thanks Lucy, the fringe is growing out fast as fringes do! And yes, I’ll take Harrogate in the meantime xx

Kathryn //

Sorry the tee is sold out online but check stores – it’s a cutie xx

Jules //

They do make the most gorgeous backdrop! Must come to Harrogate soon. And still obsessed with your tee!


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