Oh hello, it’s been a little while. I thought I’d check in (in my checked coat). I’m here for the rubbish puns as much as the fashion after all. So how’s Autumn treating you so far?

Hasn’t it been a beautiful autumn so far? Isn’t that supposed to be pay back for a wet summer (I think I read that somewhere)?. Anyway, I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers, as the saying goes and it’s also my birthday month. These photos were snapped by my son Charlie. His school had a training day so we spent a ‘mother & son’ day together starting with his favourite waffles in the cafe for breakfast. I also treated him to new books and some nice new threads before we headed to the park to soak up some sunshine and do a bit of dog fancying. It was glorious actually!

The last few weeks seem to have gone by in a bit of a daze for both of us as he’s adjusting to high school (so far, so good) and I’m getting used to my MA course (again, good so far although my brain still feels quite rusty). So it was nice just to have some one on one with my eldest and celebrate a golden day outdoors.So, onto the business of fashion. This is another recycled outfit actually. I bought this coat late last winter from New Look and didn’t get as much wear out of it as I’d hoped. I’m so glad I hung onto it (there’s a reason my coat habit is a tad rapacious) as the shops are full of these longer line checked coats again this season and I felt a little smug when I hauled this one out of the back of the wardrobe. It feeds my current need for tweedy checks and just feels right for autumn. Being a bit longer, it’s cosy for these cold early morning school runs and works with skirts/dresses too.

If you like the look of mine, then this current version from Mango is a good substitute at a nice price, as is this one from La Redoute – more linked below.

I’m also firmly back into beanie-wearing, though I’m not sure I really technically need a hat and scarf just yet. But like most of my emotional crutches, a hat feels right. It keeps out the chills and drizzle and hides the terrible bed head on mornings when I haven’t quite got it together (most days). I usually treat myself to a new one each year and I’ve seen some lovely ones on the &OtherStories site, which might just be going on my birthday list (along with books and bath treats).



Candy Pop //

It sounds like the perfect day and well done Charlie for the photographs! Love your outfit and I’m looking forward to hearing more about your MA course soon! Have a great weekend. xx

Kathryn //

Thanks Sus, I think I would happily spend three quarters of the year in a beanie hat. Yes, loving the course and getting to know the others xx


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