October was my birthday month and while I’ve been on a bit of a spending ban, I did treat myself to a couple of new things…

Hello, hello, is this thing on? Firstly, I should say I’m aware posting has been a bit sporadic of late so I thank you if you’re still here, reading this. My masters course kicked off earlier in the month and since then I’ve been busy trying to keep up with the reading, essays and actually trying to come up with some creative writing. It’s new and challenging, I’m no longer ‘reading for pleasure’ but tackling some different texts that wouldn’t be my personal choice but which are stretching me and teaching me lots. And while I’ve always been writing in some way in my previous career as a journalist or more recently on this blog, it’s been a long time since I wrote an academic-style essay (it was a struggle I can tell you!). But like a rusty old tap, things have slowly begun to start flowing again and I’m really enjoying it.

details: coat: Primark (similar here)/ polo neck: Boden (old) / Jeans: Sfera (old) / boots & bag: Zara (old similar here)

Anyway back to birthdays and new boots – after all what else is autumn for if the not the sheer joy of buying new clothes and shoes? Regular readers of this blog will know that my wardrobe does not lack boots or coats but when did we ever let that stop us? I have been after a flat pair of chelsea boots for a while (all my others seem to have a slight heel and I’m all about the walking as you know.) Anyway I saw these and the fact they had some studding detail to give them a bit of an edge made them the perfect addition to my collection. They work really well with peg leg trousers and black skinnies too.

I wore this outfit for a birthday date with Greig. We always feel pressure to dress up for a birthday don’t we? But new boots and my new fluffy jacket were all I needed to make me feel special and snuggly on an autumn day. I’ve been looking for a jacket akin to this for a long time and spotted it in my local Primark (so apologies I can’t link to it but I’ve included a selection of my favourite similar jackets below, all available currently). If you do track one of these down in store, I would just add that I sized up for a bigger, slouchier look (I’m wearing a size 16 here).

And while everything else feels quite neutral, it’s nice to reach for a colourful bag (red of course) although a pop of berry colour on lips and nails also helps to make me feel a bit more put together and autumnal. Oh and red wine. We also managed to accessorise with a couple of glasses of that too!



Kathryn //

Thanks Natasha. I am really enjoying the course, probably because I am a nerd deep down and love study – really missed it xx

Francesca //

Great outfit, I do like a fluffy coat – very tempted to get myself a teddy bear coat if only they didn’t take up so much space!Hope you had a lovely birthday and glad to hear the course is going well X


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