A whiter shade of pale

summer-outfit-denim-whiteOutfit details: Top: H&M / Jeans: M&S / Bangle: Greek holiday / Sandals: Salt-Water

Wearing white in summer…ground breaking I know! But for someone who is usually quite addicted to colour (especially in winter time), I’ve found myself reaching for more muted shades of late and yes even white (at least it tones in with my skin – ha!). I don’t know whether this is a temporary, easy-breezy, summer thing or if the simplicity of neutrals has finally conquered me but for now I’m enjoying it. Besides, I’m still pretty allied to my pastel pieces, mixed with denim or black and they seem to go so well with gold and silver jewellery at this time of year too.

On the day we were having a little nose around those factories I told you about, the lovely Julia from Stylonylon kindly took a few snaps of me as we were taking a quick breather in the sunshine. So while these photos don’t have the most salubrious of backgrounds (oh the glamour), I thought I’d do a quick outfit post as an example of some of my new summer finds.

summer-outfitThis white cotton top has a frilled, lacy front, which I’m hoping you can see (I’d forgotten how difficult white is to photograph), but anyway you get the general idea and I have to say was embarrassingly cheap. I was shopping for a few bits for the girls in H&M (one of my go-to shops for kids’ basics) and came across this in the teenage section. I find an age 14/16 is, give or take, the same as a size 10 so coupled with the fact it was also in the sale, well let’s just say it was down to single digits.

Maybe this is why I couldn’t resist the lure of it, that and the fact it was a hot day and I suddenly craved something light and airy (so I totally did that thing where you change into it immediately). I’m not sure I’m quite ready for white jeans yet (my kids, biros, too much sitting on the floor) but I love the look.

fashion-lifestyle-blogInstead I recently picked up this bargain pair in the M&S sale after wish listing them here (proof that this blog is havoc for my bank balance) but at £20 you can’t go too wrong. They have a nice bit of stretch and I love the slightly flared crop with the indigo stripe, which adds a bit more interest for summer. Sadly they’ve sold out now but I think M&S has really upped its denim game so have a hunt around  – I love this pair for example.


Thoughts on wearing white? Pale and interesting, impractical, just for holidays?

Answers on a postcard (but only one from an idyllic Greek island).




sallytangle //

Kat, i LOVE! You just cannot beat a crisp white top with a great pair of jeans. As you know i have been having exactly the same feelings as you towards a lighter, more muted palette lately. What has become of us?!? Maybe there’a something in the air!!

You look beautiful xxxx

Morag Duller //

What a brilliant outfit and thanks for the tip for looking at teenage clothes, I am also only 5ft 1 and petite and quite often find trousers are too long, so I think I shall look at the teenage range.

Kathryn //

Thanks Morag, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re petite and can be a money-saver too! X

Candy Pop //

You wear white well, and look gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend (I’m away and will respond to your email on Monday…. x)

Caroline //

Love this outfit. It’s so me! Easy and simple! 🙂
And, please don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s a ‘mummy outfit’. (for the above reasons!) :p


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