Twelve months, twelve of my favourite outfits (and a few key pieces I found along the way)

It may seem funny to review the year in outfits but do you ever look at photos of yourself wearing something and think about that day, where you went, what you were doing and how you were feeling? Besides it’s a good reminder of what you’ve got in your wardrobe; clothes you’ve worn again and again, others maybe not so. In 2017 I think I probably bought fewer new clothes than in recent years and building on my 2016 fashion resolutions (you can read that post here), I started to really nail some of the key pieces that make up the lynchpins of my style. Who knows, maybe 2018 might be the year I work out that minimal capsule wardrobe thing (ha, not so sure about that)!

Ah those gold boots, bought in the sale from &OtherStories. I’ll not lie, they haven’t exactly been my most useful item but I do love them and they’re great for a night on when you just want to add a bit of glam rock. That checked coat from New Look, on the other hand, turned out to be one of my best buys ever.

This was an outfit shoot I did for The White Company. I wasn’t allowed to keep the coat but it reminded me that I love macs. Oh and the straw bag was something I’d picked up in the winter sale on holiday and I’m so glad as they turned out to be a huge summer trend.

So I bought a mac – this one was from Sainsbury’s Tu – and it was a nice lightweight one that worked through spring / summer. I also tried out the logo tee and the tie-waist trouser thing. Have to say I really liked this whole look and have worn the trousers all year round. And the red shoes came out for another year too!

That red skirt!! Another really good buy. It was a bargain from H&M and I ended up wearing it loads, come rain or shine. Loved that day too – we were out for a Mother’s Day walk and it finally felt like spring. I’m wearing my black Converse, which featured a lot this year!

As you can see I’d had my hair cut short with a fringe. Not sure if it really suited me and it was hell to grow out of course but nice for a change. These photos were taken during a London trip and I’m wearing my new red studded boots from Topshop. I absolutely love them and they always get compliments.

It’s cherry blossom time in Harrogate!! This was a bit of an all denim look as I’m experimenting with some black flared jeans from Gap. My new tee was from &OtherStories and says Red Shoes so of course I had to get it. Can’t wait for it to be warm enough for t-shirts again. Converse and straw bag combo again!

Ah the pink suit. I got such a bee in my bonnet about it, I had to get one. I wore it for a few smarter occasions last year but it’s easier to mix and match with separates. Nice to have a matching suit in your wardrobe when you need it though (and not just in black). I still love that little red Zara bag – great when I want to add a shot of red. NB: my hair is really starting to hack me off by this point and I’m feeling generally quite unconfident. Maybe that’s why I bought the crazy pink suit??!!

This was a boiling hot day so I’m not sure why I’m in black jeans but I like this outfit as it reminds me to dress up with heels for a change and to rock a cute blouse. That little black handbag was a great find in TK Maxx and its still my favourite (when I’m not carrying my laptop and everything around in my big gold tote) – it goes with everything!

It’s autumn but still mild enough for bare legs and I’m trying the floral midi dress thing with my red boots. This is probably one of my favourite outfits as it’s feminine with a bit of a rock chick feel which I like. This dress was perfect for dressing up or down and I’m looking forward to wearing it more soon with trainers and a cardi. Roll on spring!!

I remember this day, I was spending it with my son Charlie in the park and he took a few snaps for me. This turned out to be a bit of a winter uniform and I’ve worn variations of it constantly for the last few months. That coat really came into its own plus lots of thick wool jumpers. The Converse and beanie hats have been a regular feature too.

You see, the trousers from the pink suit!? There are leaves on the ground but I’m wearing summery trousers and no socks so I guess it was one of those in between days and a spur of the moment outfit to show off my new red knit. The loafers and the coat are oldies but goodies. Again, can’t wait for it to be warm enough to liberate the ankles soon.

This was my birthday and I’m out for lunch with the mister. It wasn’t the smartest outfit but it was cosy and I was rocking my new fluffy jacket from Primark which made it all feel special. The boots were a recent purchase from Zara and great for trudging through leaves clearly. The hair’s getting quite long and layered as I thought I’d try to grow it out a bit. But I’m starting to think I should go back to the short bob – what do you think? No fringe this time though! 😉



Sian@Blondpolkadots //

Love seeing your favourite looks. Hair…bob of course but then I would say that as Im a big bob lover .

Amanda //

I love the bob on you! And all your outfits this year were gorgeous, but I especially love the tie trousers look and the midi dress! x

Kathryn //

Yeah I’m thinking it’s time for a bob again. Will wait for January pay day and get myself booked in I think. I need a winter pick-me-up!!! Thanks xx


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