Try this: Get out in the garden during winter with a fire pit

enjoy garden winter fire pitOur garden is always a bit of a barren wasteland at this point in winter. Every year I look out of the kitchen window and despair a little at how forlorn it looks and I can’t quite believe that by Spring things will be waking up and beginning to bloom again. The first is always the Forsythia tree with its lovely yellow star-shaped flowers – that’s when I know winter is truly over. But until then, our little garden gets a bit ignored and we rarely go out there and spend time in it during the really cold months (unless there’s a snowman to be built). But I think we’ve hit upon a bit of a solution recently, especially for people like me who need to be warm at all times. Meet our lovely new fire pit.firepit in winter

Fire pit winter gardenP1060469 (2)P1060451 (2)I’m all for wrapping up warmly, going out and taking the kids for a long walk in winter but I have to keep moving otherwise I get nithered. So standing around while the kids potter in the garden is never tempting and sooner or later they get cold/bored and want to come inside too. But there’s something about lighting a fire (Charlie is particularly engrossed in this part since he learned all about it at Beavers), watching it grow, warming your hands and of course the perfect excuse it provides for a bit of marshmallow-toasting.

photo 3 (6) P1060491 (2) kids toating marshmallows on firepitI love the way a fire brings everyone together and allows us to spend more time in the garden when normally we’d be holed up indoors, probably watching the telly (not that I don’t love that too). But this was a nice change and a great way to spend an afternoon as the weak winter sun started to go down. I don’t think I’d leave the kids unattended with the fire pit when it’s lit, although this one is nice and solid and comes with a lid so it feels fairly secure and safe. However, it’s still light enough to move around the garden or store under cover in between use.

Greig and I have been toying with the idea of getting a chimnea for ever, just so that we could do this sort of thing but I’m glad we ended up going for a fire pit like this as you can also barbecue on it so it feels quite multifunctional and looks pretty good as well I reckon. We can’t wait for the days to become lighter so we can spend some nights cooking and staying warm in the garden for longer. As Florence said, it’s really made us want to go camping again too.  In the meantime, this is maybe the next best thing.

Kat got the Cream P1060489 (2) P1060471 (2)P1060476 (2)P1060482 (2)P1060496 (2)Kat got the creamP.S. Guess how much I love that photo of Greig and Florence, it’s my new favourite I think. I love the way she has the traces of a marshmallow around her mouth still!

How do you use your outdoor space in winter?


Disclosure: We were sent a fire pit of our choice from free of charge for the purposes of review. All opinions are honest and my own.


Alison //

Love the idea of getting a fire pit! We are the same as you and pretty much ignore and stay out of our garden during winter but this is such a fab way of bringing it to life in the bleak weather. And you’re right – gorgeous photo at the end there. Ooh you’ve got me hankering after a fire pit now!

Kathryn //

Ha thanks Kate, though we can’t take credit for our garden, we’re a bit rubbish and just let it do its own thing (as you can see!) x

Polly //

nothing beats a winter fire does it?! We love getting ours going in the winter, standing around it on a cold day, mulled cider in hands, toasting marshmallows is one of our favourite winter activites x

Molly //

I want one! Our garden is mid-renovation and is a total wasteland at the moment. My 4 year old would love that fire – she could have hot chocolate while I’d have mulled wine!

Adele @ Circus Queen //

That’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors during winter! Laurence wants to build a fire pit in the ground but our garden is such a building site at the moment (trying to erect a greenhouse and put up a new fence!) that it definitely going to have to wait! Next year.

abigail //

oo what a good idea! I really value my fire building knowledge (you’ll never know when you’ll need it..!) so would happily love to pass that onto Theo. Makes a lovely winter activity!

Fiona //

There was an abandoned fire pit in the overgrown garden when we moved into our house, we used it on Bonfire Night and it was so good. When it’s a little less chilly, we’ll definitely be giving it another whirl x

Lauren //

I love this! As soon as we move into a new house with a yard, I’m getting one. We had terracotta chimera, used it once and knocked it over and smashed it. I think fire pit is the way to go if you’re clumsy like the Dares!

Julia //

Can I ask how your firepit is doing? Looking at buying one and lots of reviews say they tend to rust quickly – has that been your experience? Thanks

Kathryn //

Hi Julia, so far so good. Ours does have a little waterproof cover that we’ve used and it is tucked out of the way when we’re not using it so it doesn’t get wet. Hope that helps xx


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