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DSC05994Last weekend we went to visit nearby Salts Mill, in the beautiful village of Saltaire. This incredible building is one of my favourite places to go when I want to be inspired and delighted, not just by the scenery and the architecture but also by the wonderful collection of books, arts and crafts that are displayed and sold inside. Part museum, part gallery, part shopping emporium and restaurant – this place is one of the reasons I’m glad I live in Yorkshire. The original mill was built by 19th century textile baron and philanthropist Titus Salt, who also built a whole town’s worth of houses for his mill workers to live in. Saltaire itself is now a world heritage centre and is really unspoilt in its beauty. In 1987 the disused mill was salvaged and redeveloped to become the arts and commerce centre it is today including the Hockney gallery, which houses many of this local artist’s work. If you get the chance, you should come and visit. It’s definitely one of my happy places.

DSC06042 DSC06012 DSC05992 DSC05993Prints, pictures and paperbooks – you could lose yourself for hours discovering new things to read and look at. The non-fiction section also has an amazing selection of craft books plus a rack with some of my favourite magazines. Oh and the stationery is to die for – enough cards and notebooks to satisfy even me.

DSC06000 DSC06003 DSC05995 DSC05998

DSC06013DSC06037I love this little childrens’ reading space at one end of the bookshop, where my kids really got stuck in. Again, there is such a diverse and unusual array of books for kids of all ages, I could spend a fortune.

DSC06008DSC06016 DSC06019 DSC06021

DSC06027 DSC06031There are three other floors of artwork, merchandise and objet d’art to explore but I didn’t let my monsters run riot in case they knocked over a priceless Victorian vase (which are always filled with the most gloriously scented white lillies) but I’d like to bring them back and show them the Hockney collection one day. Instead, we headed for the great Salt’s Diner on site for some food and then a run around outside.



Have you ever been to Salts Mill?



lisa //

Ah! I miss Salts Mill. When I lived in Bingley I used to walk to Saltaire on the canal almost every Sunday for coffee and cake in the little cafe at Salts. Defo time for a visit. Great pics dude xx

Kathryn //

Thanks Lisa! What a wonderful weekend ritual that must have been. I must remember to go more often too x

Molly Louise //

Looks like an amazing place – I think I’d feel like I’d died and gone to heaven in there! What a great name is Titus Salt – love those Victorian names 🙂

SJP //

Ooh, this looks like my dream shop! It reminds me a little bit of the shop inside Bristol’s Arnolfini gallery, but that’s minuscule in comparison.

Anna // angel in the north //

What a lovely post. Salts Mill is one of my favourite places to visit too. There’s just nothing like it. You can guarantee you will find a book or magazine you’d never heard of but have to have!


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