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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWarning: this post might give you daffodil fatigue but I just can’t help myself whenever we visit this place. Constable Burton Hall in North Yorkshire near where we live is one of the best places in spring time; scores of different varieties of daffodil bulbs, ancient trees and newly-born lambs!

The weather turned so beautiful over the weekend, we decided to head over there and have a picnic. Oh my goodness, all that sunshine and yellow felt so good. It was also the perfect place for Florence and I to try out our new matching farmyard knits from Cath Kidston. I don’t usually do the mini-me thing, dressing to match my kids but this was just too cute, right?PicMonkey Collage 7


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPicMonkey Collage 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPicMonkey CollageOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPicMonkey Collage 3OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPicMonkey Collage 5PicMonkey Collage 4OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIsn’t Constable Burton Hall a handsome house? It never really gets very busy here apart from during their annual tulip festival (yes, really, you can imagine my excitement). Oftentimes you almost have the place to yourself so my kids just run wild and I explore with my camera (and imagine what it was like to live there as the lady of the manor).

I’m so glad we managed to get some photos of such a gorgeous day and of me and Flo, just the two of us for a change. By the way I do have some hilarious outtakes of Bea photo-bombing us but most of the time she was off exploring with her big brother and poking things with sticks. That tends to be the way of things sometimes. Florence stays close to me and Greig while the other two buddy up. I don’t mind as it means I get a little one on one, just me and my girl.

Hope you had a lovely sunny Easter break! What did you get up to? I’ve got a million photos from our holiday in Lyme Regis to share soon too but for now I’m all about those daffodils!!

P.S. Big thanks to Cath Kidston for gifting us the lovely knits.




Kathryn //

Thanks Alice, they’re really cute aren’t they? The knits I mean 🙂

abigail //

I think that lamb just stole a piece of my heart! Gorgeous flowers too, looks like my sort of place! And those matching knits are too cute!

Kathryn //

Oh you would love it Abigail. Yes it was lovely to see all the spring lambs out and about and one of them was doing that cute, skittish, frolicky thing where they jump about! So sweet!! X

Fritha Strickland //

ah you two!! I have this print in the T-Shirt and it’s super cute isn’t it. You’ve made me want to get one for Wilf so we can do this 😉 x

Molly //

Such lovely photos – you and Florence look so happy, and what idyllic surroundings.
Looking forward to your photos from Lyme Regis too!

Laura //

I love daffodils so no fatigue here – your matching printed tops are too cute and all of these photos are so beautiful

Laura x


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