This year my birthday fell on a Sunday. So I requested a trip to an arboretum. Sometimes a leafy autumnal walk with your gang followed by a trip to the pub is all you need. Plus it was a good opportunity to get wrapped up in my new wooly hat and scarf. It’s the little things people.¬†

Outfit details:

Hat and scarf: H&M / Coat: Boden / Jumper dress: Tu Clothing (old) / Faux leather leggings: M&S (old, but similar here) / Handbag: Matalan / Trainers: New Look / Bracelet: Edblad.

pa300569pa300557-copypa300574Having been a bit reluctant about Autumn this year (not sure why, maybe a late summer break didn’t help), I’ve finally fallen for fall (all over again). I’d forgotten (as I seem to do every year) how welcome all that colour is when everything is starting to feel very grey, dull and dreary elsewhere. Hooray for Octobers and in that sense I guess I should count myself lucky it’s my birthday month (even if it does always get hijacked by Halloween). Oh and after the hoo-hah of turning 40 last year, this one has been quite quiet, but that’s okay, I’m not one for big celebrations anyway.

I think the yellow ones are my favourites by the way – so mellow. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to this scarf in H&M. Note: I don’t ¬†technically need a new wooly hat or scarf but I think one of the things I love most about Autumn is picking out a new set, especially as I know I am going to be wearing them almost constantly for the next few months.

I’ve been wanting to introduce a bit of check into my wardrobe this season, but haven’t quite dared to go all out on a garment but I love this scarf and then when I found the beanie in the coordinating blush pink, well that was that! They weren’t sold as a set by the way, but I think they match pretty well don’t you?pa300556-copypa300566-copyAs you’ll see from my instagram, I’m pretty much still living in my grey Sally coat from Boden. Not surprisingly, being grey, it just goes with everything and takes any accessory or outfit you throw at it, including this Chloe handbag dupe I picked up from Matalan. Plus it’s staying miraculously clean – wonders will never cease – in case you’re used to darker, more practical coats.¬†pa300599pa300593pa300594

Seriously, those leaves eh? Hashtag no filter. Nothing so beautiful as nature (or a new hat and scarf).

P.S. If you’re local to me or visiting, check out the Yorkshire Arboretum and if you’re also looking for the perfect pub have a read of this post.




Rachel //

I also love an autumn walk and a good scarf. I am still mourning the moth related demise of an amazing Cos cashmere one I had.

Katie Albury //

Sounds like the perfect birthday, hope you had a great day! Absolutely loving your coat, I always tend to go for black or navy in my coats so I could really do with something a bit brighter! x


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