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Bobblehat 2

Hat: Tk Maxx / Dress: c/o Bibico / Coat: Boden / Boots: Clarks via Spartoo / Bag: Cath Kidston

A quick scan of my instagram feed will bear witness to the fact that I now seem to be surgically attached to this woolly bobble hat I bought recently. As I mentioned in my latest vlog, I always feel the cold in my head during winter (I blame thin, flyaway hair) so I am usually to be seen sporting a hat for circa 5 months of the year! This one that I picked up for £7 in TK Maxx has proved to be a winner; big, bobbly and so cosy I feel like I’m wearing a wooly turban with built-in ear muffs! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hat: as before / Jumper: Fred Perry (borrowed from the mister) / leggings: M&S

But aside from warmth I think a good knitted hat or beanie can really add a certain something to your outfit, even on smarter weekdays, not just weekend walks. They’re great for pulling on to disguise lack-lustre hair or to keep out the chill when it’s not cold enough to warrant a big, chunky coat but maybe a poncho or a cape would suffice.Bobblehat cropHat: as before / striped top: Boden / Poncho: Joules / leggings: M&S / Boots: Seven Boot Lane 

But I also love the way a knitted hat can also look cute with tailored pieces or a dress and heeled boots for the office. It’s not just a casual accessory, it’s the finishing touch to a winter outfit (well that’s how I like to think of them anyway). Once you start thinking about knitted hats as an essential rather than an after-thought (because the weather is baltic), you can work them into any ensemble. Did I just say ensemble – you know what I mean!

Bobblehat3 crop

Have I convinced you yet?




Kathryn //

Thanks Natasha, I knew you’d understand! Lovely to spend so much time with you recently. Take care xx

Katie //

It looks so cosy!! I have just purchased my first ever bobble hat, usually I feel too tall to add yet more height on top, but now I’ve got it I love it! That joules poncho looks perfect, might have to seek that out with my recent discount voucher, hoorah! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! Katie x

Kathryn //

Welcome to the wonderful world of bobble hat wearing – you won’t regret it! Yes the poncho is perfect, I love it! Xx

Michelle Cookson //

I’m glad I’m the only one glued to my hat! I’ve probably taken it a step too far and have started wearing it around the house too!! Mmmmm, cosy 🙂

Michelle x


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