88122b292d4f5e4b63724e9c17c8775b-copy-2Who would have thought that summer stalwart, the pleated midi skirt would transition so well to autumn? Don’t pack them all away just yet, here’s how to style them for the colder months (or better still, invest in a new luxurious winter version).

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I have a couple of pleated skirts – I finally gave in to the trend over the summer and surprised myself as to how useful they were over the warmer months. You can see how I styled mine in this post here and also here. But now it’s autumn (I’m really trying to get my head into autumn mode) I was thinking of packing them away. Actually I’ve been giving them one last gasp since I got back from my holiday in an effort to show off my halfway tanned legs. And as I mentioned in my last post, they still work well with ┬ábare legs as long as you bundle yourself up in a jumper and coat and make sure you have something vaguely weatherproof on your feet.

And a cursory look online confirms that the pleated skirt trend isn’t going anywhere. On the contrary; retailers are bringing out newer, thicker more luxurious versions that just beg to be teamed with sumptuous autumn knitwear, new boots and jackets. So what’s the trick to wearing them in winter without looking like frumpy gran or the wicked witch of the west (sorry for the stereotyping, but you catch my drift).picmonkey-collage-2-copyimage source: left / right

Whether or not you’ve donned your opaques yet or are maybe just working your way up to socks like me, a skirt to be worn in winter still requires a lining or a heavier fabric in my book – both to keep you warm and to be heavy enough to withstand gusts. A leather (or faux) version would certainly do the trick on both counts and is also waterproof. M&S has got a good selection of midi skirts in at the moment in particular this luxey velvet version, which also has a subtle metallic sheen so would be great for dressing up/down. Word to the wise: avoid the all-black ensemble: Halloween is looming. Instead, break it up a bit with shades of grey or colour if you prefer. And if you’re worried about baring a bit of leg, just cosy up everywhere else with hat, scarf, socks and you’d be surprised how little you feel the cold. Okay maybe not in January but…picmonkey-collage-2image source: left / right

A lot of people tell me that midi skirts don’t suit their shape but it all depends on what you wear on top and if you’re tucking it in. A chunky jumper would give anyone a paunch when tucked into one of these skirts. Finer knits and shirts can work. But if you’re not sure, opt for a cropped top which will accentuate the waist or go for a long, baggy boyfriend sweater that bypasses the waist completely and nips in the skirt lower down to give a flattering silhouette. Oh and you could always just add a pair of killer heels, which will completely divert attention to your feet anyway! Personally, I’d go for these pretty slingbacks from Zara.
picmonkey-collage-2-copy-2Wearing a shorter waist length jacket can work well with the proportions of a midi skirt and really elongate your legs, even when socks and boots threaten to shorten them. It’s also the perfect excuse to invest in a blazer/ leather / bomber jacket or even try out the military trend. This Mango jacket shown above also ticks the velvet box so is a win win. The silvery skirt above is also from Mango and works well with tougher black accessories. Try ankle boots rather than mid-calf ones if you’re worried about truncated calves. These ones from Boden are perfect and easy to walk in. Oh and maybe give the fur-lined mule loafers a miss or you will look like your nan who’s popped to the corner shop for milk.



Alice //

Loved this Kat – I experimented with my own pleated skirt this weekend by wearing it with a knit and it felt lovely! I’m on the hunt for a couple more for my winter wardrobe but they keep selling out – must move quicker x

Polly //

Love this. I’ve a couple of pleated skirts pinned on my autumn/winter clothes board…wasn’t quite sure but you’ve convinced me!!

Kathryn //

I think so – just go for a dark coloured skirt and try a long sweater in a lighter colour that skims over your bum/hips and then nips in lower down, mid thigh.

Molly //

I’ve just bought a pleated midi skirt in the sale and thought I had to pack it away until next summer. Going to try teaming it with some of these pieces above and keep it in action a little longer!

HazelxJoy //

I really like pleated skirts, my only dislike is that they are so flippin’ awkward to iron – sometimes I put it off for weeks!

Laura //

I love the look of a pleated skirt but I’ve never actually worn one myself because I am just so short – not sure if they work on very petit people (I’m only 4ft11) but I do love them!

Laura x


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