I’ve had my eye on this Cath Kidston train print for a little while now. However, I know it might divide opinion somewhat. Perhaps you think it belongs firmly in the boys’ department along with the dinosaurs and cowboys?
But that’s just it. For me, old fashioned steam trains (like dinosaurs) are cool. I think it must be the geek in me. And let’s face it, most of the time I am usually wearing a parka, woolly bobble hat, specs and sensible shoes, so this would just complete my look.
I would also argue that this print has a classic colourway of blues, greens and reds (which feature prominently in the rest of my wardrobe already) and suit most skin tones. The train dress is also one of those frocks that looks fresh and spring-like now but would also love to be cosied up with cardigans and tights come winter (or alternatively, come another horrendous British summertime – let’s hope not).
Wear this:
Ironically, not on a stinky delayed train but while riding a bike or taking the kids to the National Railway Museum in York (to see some more proper trains).
Accessorize with:
A notebook for jotting down interesting facts and thoughts.
Don’t forget:
A flask of tea and some homemade sarnies!
What do you think to the train print? 
Steaming ahead or hitting the buffers? 
(and do you like puns as much as me?)
N.B. This is not a sponsored post, I just like Cath Kidston, and trains (most of the time).


VintageVicki //

I am in love with both the dress & skirt and have plans to buy one next month when I’ve some spare cash 🙂 They remind me of my eldest when he was small and his love of steam trains 🙂

Anonymous //

I adore it!! I have a bag in the print!! My favourite bag is still the kids spaceship satchel which I use as a changing bag!!

KatGotTheCream //

I recently bought my son a new school satchel in the dinosaur print. I am definitely keeping that as a memento/for me when he grows out of it one day!


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