The kiss of death


This photo was taken over the holidays, where I’m all dressed up to go out for some festivities, proudly sporting a recent purchase from Atterley (the checked trousers). I’d snagged them along with a few other pieces in the sale. Having stalked this online retailer throughout the year and its recent relaunch, it was fast becoming a favourite of mine and I’d regularly include items from the site in my wish list posts. I loved its mix of classic pieces with slightly more unusual items, all at a good price point.

Well all I can say is sorry Atterley. Clearly, as soon as I start to get into a brand, it must be the kiss of death because seemingly out of the blue, Atterley went into administration at the beginning of January. It was a bit of a bugger as I’d been intending to send back one of my rather more rash purchases and instead had to keep it. Never mind. More importantly, it must have been a really shitty way for all of Atterley’s staff to start the year.

I do think it’s a shame when an independent retailer you really like and which starts to feel like ‘yours’, one that also appears to be successful and popular too, suddenly goes bust. I know it’s just another reminder that we are still in a bit of an economic slump. What do we call it these days? Recession, downturn or are we technically experiencing an uplift at the moment, albeit in the midst of austerity, I’m not sure. In any case, it also serves as a reminder to support more indie brands and labels rather than always turning to the massive chains. Because when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Hard as it may be sometimes, I’m going to make this a bit more of a resolution this year. I’ve always tried to in the past but then I get lured into H&M to buy clothes for the kids and lose myself in there. And, let’s be honest here, I probably will again sometime. It’s okay to support the high street, those shops keep a lot of people in work and prop up the economy.

But this year, especially through this blog, I’m going to try to do my bit; seeking out, featuring, wearing and buying from more independent shops and labels. Hopefully this will interest a few of you as well.

P.S. If you too are mourning the loss of Atterley, then I suggest you check out Finery, which I’ve just started buying into – hopefully they won’t go under now I’ve just written that!




Jesse //

Oh no! I too spotted Atterley last year and got a few things from them, sad to hear they are no longer around – I think that’s a great resolution, shopping more independent (and local too!) x

Sue //

I tried to get on Atterley to have a browse last weekend and couldn’t! 🙁 Finery looks to be an interesting addition to my browsing portfolio too!
I look forward to seeing the independent retailers that you select to include in your blog Kat.

Sue xx

fritha //

oh how sad about Atterley! Just goes to show how hard the retail business is, loving the look of Finery though! x

Lins @Boo & Maddie //

Such a shame – running a little business myself I’m all too aware how fragile it can all be. I’ll be following along to see what other finds you come across as I too would like to support independents where I can X

Jenna //

Such a tough time at the moment. However, positively I’m looking forward to finding out what other indie businesses you come up with xxxx

MostlyYummy //

Oh no that really is a shame! It just goes to show how tough things still are out there? I must admit that I felt the same when Allium B closed down last summer I was absolutely gutted! Just when I thought I had found my perfect shop it was no more. Boo!

Alice //

Oh bugger, I hadn’t logged on to Atterley yet this year. I was also such a fan – their simple, clean and modern aesthetic was right up my street. What a shame 🙁
I love your camel coat in this photo – gorgeous as always x

Candy Pop //

That is a shame, especially having found a brand you love. I am looking forward to seeing more independent retailers on KGTC soon. Have a fabulous Friday. (BTW I love the photo of you!)


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