The Happy List #76

UK lifestyle blogTime for a Happy List I think. Time for a pause to reflect on what a busy but wonderful week it’s been, in which work and pleasure have overlapped so much I feel very lucky. This week has been a whirlwind of delightful SS15 press days and catch-ups with friends in London. But I also want to stop and think about the little, lovely things that have happened too and one of them is the feeling of being home after my trip. I love coming home. Here are a few other bits of happy.

Walking out of my local train station and seeing our car parked there waiting for me and a row of little smiley faces on the back seat grinning at me as I approached. There’s nothing like a night away to make the kids appreciate you more.

A hot bubble bath after a long train ride, which was very quickly hijacked by Florence and Bea but I didn’t mind – I still love taking baths with my littlies.

Gnomes, florals, drinks on the (artificial) lawn, paper birds, croquet sets and pretty frocks all at the Boden and Laura Ashley SS15 press days – can’t wait to give you a glimpse of what’s to come soon.

Spending time with my good pal who I stayed with in London and taking a walk around her local park in Stoke Newington, all of which included ducks, goats, deer and the most amazing pea-green parakeets just hanging out in the trees.

Going for a very fashionable Pret-a-Portea at The Berkley with my lovely bloggy mates Natasha and Rosie. Cute china, pink sandwiches and handbag-shaped biscuits. Well it was very appropriate and so nice to catch up and talk shop.

Pottering around today, just enjoying being at home, decompressing after a busy couple of days and not taking a single photo of anything.

Hope you’ve had a good one too and here’s to the weekend!


Kathryn //

Ha, I know it was very girlie. The pink sandwich was made with bread with added beetroot I think. The whole thing was beautifully made!

Laura //

Oh wow what a lovely happy list this week – sounds like you had an amazing time in London visiting friends and some beautiful press days – can’t wait to read about them

Laura x

Katie Albury //

What a lovely list…I’ve done the Pret-a-Portea before- its such a fab experience…we got to design our own shoes and dress biscuits too which was fun! xx


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