PicMonkey CollageI don’t wish to alarm you but it’s nearly May and if you’re still looking for a certain outfit for a special event; garden party, spring wedding, general love-in with yourself for the rest of the summer(!), then it’s time to get it nailed. I’ve got a big wedding coming up soon so it’s been on my mind too. But nothing bores me more than the idea of shopping solely for the purposes of procuring a fully matching, colour coordinated outfit (that can only ever be worn together). I’d much rather spend my time and money sourcing a few disparate but fabulous summer pieces that will magically work together but also exist quite happily on their own within lots of other outfits for the rest of the year.

So my advice is choose a base piece – frock, skirt/top coordinates, trousers – check out Coast’s spring/summer look book for some really nice statement pieces. Or if you’re my way inclined, consider a jumpsuit. I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but I think they sashay the line between girlie dress and mature trouser suit really well and the shops are awash with them at the moment so you’re bound to find a style that suits you. I love this pretty nude version from Coast which can be accessorised to your heart’s content.

Which brings me to…the rest of the outfit. Separately these pieces could be easily woven into any outfit for the rest of the year whether work, weekend, high day or holiday.

The peach scalloped cloud bag from the Cambridge Satchel Company is an investment piece that won’t just sit in your wardrobe once the big day is over. It will look great with denim, leather, floaty dresses, jeans and Converse, you name it. It doesn’t matter that it’s not the same colour as the jumpsuit, you’re not the mother of the bride (and even if you are, do you really want to be that person that sends their bag and shoes off to be dyed an exact colour!?).

These sunglasses from And Other Stories are so good I want a pair in every colour (and there are some lovely choices) and at £19 a pop, it won’t matter if you have too much champagne and end up losing them.

It’s tempting to go all strappy and glittery with high stilettos but as far as I’m concerned they don’t mix well with lawns, gravel or dance floors. These leather mule shoes from Zara are elegant, comfy and a little bit edgy plus you’ll still be able to wear them when monday morning comes around.

And finally pull it all together with a sharp black blazer like this one from M&S. It will cover your shoulders if it’s chilly, ensure you feel smart enough for church or any photos and look amazing with jeans, shirts, tees and trainers all year round. The end.




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Kathryn //

Those sunnies are cute eh and available in other great colours like baby blue! xx


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