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Whenever I feel a shift in my mood, a change in the season or just feel the need for fresh inspiration, I really enjoy a good pinning session. It makes me feel comforted, organised, contented and motivated simultaneously (if that’s actually possible). Lately I’ve noticed I’m pinning to the shift in the weather. I’m drawn towards snuggly blankets, warm interiors, cosy beds, woolly accessories and comfort food – how predictable yet reassuring all the same! Here are a few of the ideas and images that have been inspiring me recently.

autumn winter home ideasImage credits L-R

1) Warming up interiors with copper and sheepskin

2) My new discovery: Seven Boot Lane!

3) Brightening a room with jewel-coloured flowers in golden vases

4) Simple autumn garland

5) Crumble, crumble, crumble!

6) Soften furniture with thick, warm blankets

7) Cheer up the bedroom with a new duvet

8) The simple addition of fairy lights works in any room

9) Raspberry brioche – oh my!

10) I’m eating so many cheese and mushroom dishes at the moment

11) Pile on the blankets at the bottom of the bed

12) Time to dig out your fave wooly hat


What are you getting into at the moment?

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katie albury //

Lovely pins…I’ve neglected my Pinterest page for a while now so I’ll follow you and have mooch around your other lovely pins whilst I’m there 😉 x

Laura //

Oh I really love your warm and cosy Autumn inspired pinterest board – I agree it totally makes me feel more organised

Laura x


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