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If December races past as fast as November did, then the big day will be upon us before we know it. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed already. Having said that we’ve broken the back of the Christmas shopping and yesterday we got our tree up: deep joy!

But I don’t seem to have found time yet for the really fun stuff. I haven’t done any Christmas crafting  or baking with the kids yet and I’d like to consider making something special or different this year. So in an effort to take stock and order my festive thoughts I’ve consulted my Christmas pinterest board and cherry-picked my favourite ideas and ‘must-do’ projects. Hope you like!Best Christmas pinterest pins

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1) I’ve become a little obsessed with wreaths this year and rather than just having one on the door, I like the idea or having them all around the house. If you’d like to try this, take a look at my recent post on how to make a festive wreath.

2) There’s something so festive about gold; imagine drinking your first Christmas morning cuppa out of one of these!

3) Anything that can make the humble sprout a little more appetising is good by me.

4) If you don’t like traditional Christmas cake, then a wonderfully spicy carrot cake is a great alternative, especially pimped up with berries and rosemary on top.

5) If you fancy an easy make, try this DIY paper bauble, which I posted here

6) Panettone is one of my favourite traditions. We tear and share while opening our presents on Christmas morning and the kids love it too (P.S. Lidl do a good one!)

7) My favourite trees are the ones with lots of different coloured decorations, of varying ages, arranged higgedly-piggedly. Christmas shouldn’t be too perfect!

8) Love the simplicity of this gold star garland, made from card sewn together.

9) A pear and gorgonzola salad is one of the easiest yet tastiest Christmas snacks you can throw together. I love it with rocquefort or stilton substituted and walnuts too.

10) Isn’t this Christmas wrap idea divine? So simple but so gorgeous, and another great way to use Hydrangeas.

11) I’m always on the look-out for more vintage glass baubles in charity shops.

12) A lovely way to dress the table with vintage crockery.

Have you got any Christmas ideas on your ‘must do’ list this year?

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Slummy single mummy //

I always have about a million things on my ‘must do’ list that I never get around to. *sigh*

Perhaps my ‘must do’ this year should be to stop buying Christmas craft magazines?? We have actually printed some of our own wrapping paper, but that’s it so far!

Kathryn //

Hope you try them Becky – they’re easy but effective and you don’t have to use old christmas cards but any nice card!

Laura //

Oh I love all of these beautiful pinned images – you have captured Christmas perfectly and so much inspiration.

Laura x


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