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Two weeks into the new nine to five and I’m starting to feel like part of the furniture. The time flies (always a good sign) and I get to write about lovely stuff with a great team. So I’m a happy (albeit very busy) camper. When I get home from work at about 6pm, we’re all ready for something hot and yummy, especially the kids. And because we want to make the most of the hour or two before their bedtime, Greig and I have been trying to whip up some nice, tasty food as quickly as possible.

Our slow cooker has really come in to its own since I went full time again and Greig has been ace at remembering to throw some bits and bobs into it the night before so I can just switch it on before I leave the house. It’s so nice to come home to a delicious aroma (although they do all tend to smell the same, strangely…) and know that I can give the kids a quick bath or do some homework with them, because tea is all ready to go. Am I starting to sound a bit Martha Stewart?

Anyway I’ve been looking to extend our Crock-Pot repertoire and find a few other quick and easy recipes. At this time of year I need comfort food that’s still vaguely healthy and can be ready within half an hour (if cooking from scratch). So here’s what I’ve been pinning/bookmarking lately – just follow the links to find the original recipe. And please feel free to share any yummers ideas you swear by too.

bake risottoBaked lemon risotto

Risotto that you don’t need to babysit: genius! Why haven’t I cottoned on to this before? I found this recipe on the brilliant Joy the Baker blog and as she puts it: “Knowing that I can put something in the oven means that I can assemble it and forget about its existence for at least 20 minutes.” EXACTLY.

baked camembert3Baked camembert

This recipe is from the Sluttishly Simple section of the Domestic Sluttery blog – a great resource for general slatterns like myself. I had baked camembert as a starter at my friend’s house recently and had forgotten how much I loved it: ultimate ease and comfort. I know what you’re thinking – but the kids won’t like it!!! That’s where I would make a big round of cheese on toast with soup for them, and me and the mister would dive into this.

Borlotti_bean_pasta_640x427Borlotti bean pasta

This quick as a flash veggie pasta is from the lovely Wine and Olives blog – give it a try (the blog and the dish). This is literally a case of chucking a couple of cans together. I also like the suggestion of adding sausage for a meaty version. My kids LOVE sausages – vegetarians they are not!

cheesy bacon soupCheesy potato soup

This looks and sounds so tasty and best of all you can make it in the slow cooker (another revelation to me). Follow the link to find lots of other slow cooker recipes.

Chicken and orange casseroleOrange rosemary chicken

Everyone talks about lemon chicken but how gorgeous (and festive) does orange and rosemary sound? This is another slow cooker recipe that takes between 8-10 hours so you can imagine how tender that meat, and fragrantly rich the juices, would be. I reckon this would be a nice one to do at a weekend too when you’re heading out for a full day but still fancy a big chicken dinner.

coconut and chickpea curryCoconut and chickpea curry

Another ‘Sluttishly Simple’ recipe that uses up store cupboard essentials like a can of chickpeas and coconut milk. I’d make this nice and sweetly mild so it’s palatable for the kids and whack on a pan of rice, pronto.

Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

Right, I’m off to give my Crock-Pot a hug. See you soon.



lisa //

Yes! Thanks for sharing these lovely. The past few months I’ve been a lazy cook and counting on easy peasy pasta recipes and beans on toast to see us through. With a little prep and organisation I’d like to make some of these. 🙂

SJP //

Oh goodness, all of these sound delicious! Well, apart from the chicken because I don’t eat chicken… I’d also recommend carbonara for a rich treat – only a few ingredients and it’s incredibly quick to cook 🙂

Maxine //

Right that’s it, I’m off to get one of these slow-cooker thingymajigs. They seem to make life so much easier! We both work full time and by the time we get home, walked the dog, done dinner, tidied up and managed a conversation it’s time to go to bed! We make up batches of food and then freeze them. They’re a Godsend! x


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