img_7703I’ve had this coat on my wish list since the summer and now that the weather has turned, it’s finally come into its own. Warm enough for early morning chills yet light enough for crisp Autumn sunshine – it does the layering trick pretty well too!

So, admittedly these photos were snapped on my phone (by my co-erced instagram husband, as per) the day after we flew back from Greece. While it was a gloriously sunny autumn day in Harrogate, the temperatures were a little different to Rhodes the day before (we were blessed – hitting 40 some days!). The kids were packed off straight back to school, but Greig had booked one last day’s holiday so we could acclimatise and squeeze in a daytime date.

But what to wear? My suitcase was still eyeing me remorselessly on the bedroom floor; a stew of bikinis, sandy espadrilles and floaty tops. That’s the trouble with a week in the sun at the end of September. My skin has finally changed a couple of pantone references from white yet there’s not much opportunity to show it off. In the end I plumped for this cropped knit (a spontaneous buy from Primark when I went in there on the hunt for end of season swimwear). I love its scalloped edge that looks sweet with midi skirts and jeans alike.

Of course I still needed a top layer and here’s where the Sally coat (lightweight, unlined, half wool/half viscose) from Boden came in. It’s a really good halfway house before Winter really kicks in and allows you to layer up underneath without feeling sweltered. So it seemed like the perfect time to bring it out.

Okay it is technically October and I should probably be covering up but at the moment I’m going by the rule that, with certain layers you can still bare a little flesh and not look like you’re in denial. Over the weekend I also wore a midi skirt with a big chunky roll neck and bare legs. Yes I am desperate to get them out while there’s still a semblance of tan remaining and no I didn’t feel cold (honestly mum). img_7739img_7704-copy-2img_7699-copyimg_7704img_7680-2img_7690img_7740-copy


Coat*: Boden

Cropped knit: Primark

Jeans: M&S (old)

Trainers: New Look (sold out in hi-top but low version here)

Bracelet: And Other Stories

Bag: Cath Kidston (old, similar here)

Is this the equivalent to high/low dressing? Perhaps. Don’t worry, it won’t last long, I live in the north after all. But for now I’m hanging on to the last vestiges of my tan and a summer that seemed to zoom past all too quickly.



Alison //

Such a gorgeous coat Kathryn! (Also: that photo second to last, I can’t help but think back to that Instagram Husbands YouTube video where the girl is saying “Higher! Higher! Higher!” to her husband!!) xx

Kathryn //

Ha! Yep, I made him climb up the nearby steps. Low winter sun is a killer for taking photos 😉 xx

Mel Wiggins //

Im totally in the market for a new coat and love this one. I wonder if it’s going to be easy to layer a heavier jumper under? If so, I’m in! Hope you’re adjusting back to post-holiday life! X

Kathryn //

Yep, totally good for layering jumpers under. Maybe go up a size if that’s the idea xx

Molly at Roost //

Absolutely love that coat. I usually go for bright colours with coats like these but I really like the neutral of this one. And it looks so soft and cosy!

Kathryn //

Thanks Molly! It’s a nice neutral but could also take some bright accessories too xx

Bean //

Love the coat (great colour too) & absolutely spot on about showing a teensy flash of flesh if you can cope with it: being a lizard, I resemble a ‘plucked chicken’ just looking out the window, let alone going out in the cold… Not the best look!

Amanda //

I love this look Kat – perfect for the sunnier days (like today!) when it doesn’t feel too mind-numbingly cold to show off an ankle, bit of leg or mid-riff. You look fabulous! xx


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