Checks and tweeds will always do it for me in autumn / winter, especially when mixed with studs and a rock tee.

Details: image credit: Style du Monde via Who What Wear/ stud ankle boots / checked bag / t-shirt / trousers / blazer / earrings / sunglasses /

If you’re anything like me you’ll have reached the point of winter where you’re so cold that all you can imagine wearing is jogging bottoms and a jumper of which a fisherman would be proud. At this time of year I find it quite difficult to get excited about fashion when all I want to do is keep warm. Of course I’m still enjoying a range of coats on rotation plus my various hats and scarves. These are some of the undisputed joys of the season after all.

But when I’m getting dressed in the dark, in a hurry, I seem to just pick from the same three jumpers / jeans / trousers. I can’t face dresses or skirts right now and forget about going without socks. I am firmly in the domain of boots and trainers for the foreseeable future. Frankly I’m bored and my outfits feel very utilitarian all of a sudden. So what? They’re meant to be (I hear some of you cry). Yes but I miss the milder weather when you can be just a little bit freer and more experimental with your wardrobe, without fear of getting frost bite.

So I’m looking for a bit of inspiration. I still want to be warm though so a fairly thick pair of tweedy, checked trousers seems to be the answer and a chance to add a bit of colour if you can find some in a slightly brighter pattern. I also like this pinstripe pair from &OtherStories. I love the eclectic style of this outfit and the way it mixes traditional english country vibes with a rock and roll edge. I seem to have become mildly obsessed by anything with studs, especially a good pair of boots.

A t-shirt (even if it is a cool band tee) doesn’t sound very warm for this time of year but layer a plain long sleeved top underneath and you’ve got added insulation. Likewise, the blazer could be worn underneath an oversized coat for extra cozy fashion points.

And yes, technically there’s not much call for sunnies round our way at the moment, although y’know, that low winter sun can be blinding some days so…and one day next year you might just need them again when the sun finally returns. Roll on.

If all else fails, get the thermal underwear out!






Lucy //

Hey sunnies are always on here 🙂 Really love the high waisted trousers. They look comfy. I know what you mean – I wear the same jumpers purely out of being in a rush and staying warm!

Jules //

I lol’d at the fisherman jumper comment! And I’m so with you – it’s so freezing and keeping warm is all I care about too!! Such a great look though – love the tee!


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