I’ve rounded up my five key pieces this season plus ideas on how to style them. Call it an autumn capsule wardrobe.

I’m always a little reluctant to talk about ‘must-haves’ on the blog because I don’t think you necessarily need to buy anything new. And to be honest, I already have some great boots, coats and sweaters in my wardrobe that I will enjoy re-wearing. However, I personally can’t resist a couple of new buys at this time of year. More so than summer, this is a season I can get fully behind! So, this is just a small edit of some of the key pieces I’ve got my eye on this autumn but I’m sure you could have a dig around and find something similar, already in your wardrobe. If, on the other hand you’re craving newness, I won’t judge!

White cotton shirt: £25: M&S / Pleated skirt: £98 Boden / Boots: £49 Topshop

Let’s start with an update on the pleated skirt. I’m not sure if you’re all sick of these yet but I personally love them. I’ve a red one I bought back in January and I’ve worn it throughout the year, with sweaters and boots, tees and trainers and blouses and sandals. This version by Boden taps into my favourite colours while the polka dot print adds a new element to my wardrobe and shakes me out of my comfort zone a little (it also comes in green if you fancy it).

Black cotton tee: £6.50 M&S / Red chunky knit: £40 River Island / Jeans: £59 &OtherStories

Like it or not, I think it’s hard to ignore the red trend. Personally I’m glad it’s still going strong this autumn as there are some gorgeous chunky knits around at the moment. Red looks great with denim (I like it with quite a light wash) and other neutrals like black and grey but I also love it with khaki and blush pink. If you’re still not sure, dip your toe in with a red accessory.

Grey cardi: £29.99 Mango / Floral midi dress: £39.99 H&M / White trainers: £19.50 M&S

Ready to try this one yet? I thought me and floral prints were well and truly over (and then I bought this one last autumn). I still like the trend a year later and I think the darker prints help to make these dresses less chintzy and more suited to autumn. Wear with a cardi and bare legs on milder days and swap to boots and a leather jacket later on. By the way, this dress has all but sold out online but I just picked one up in store yesterday so it’s worth checking. Besides there are plenty more similar styles doing the rounds on the high street.

Bag: £39.99 Zara / Trench coat: £79 M&S / Red shoes: £69.99 Mango

And finally, the coat. It’s easy to get bamboozled by all the new coats on the market each autumn. But if you buy just one, I’d make it a trench. Personally, I need a coat that can multi-task. One that will be waterproof (and not too crazy) for the school run, will look stylish when I do want to dress up for work/evening and will not look out of place on a winter walk at the weekend. It also needs to work with trousers, skirts and a variety of footwear. That’s quite a tall order when you think about but I reckon a good trench fits the bill. This one from M&S is stormproof, looks expensive, has lovely cuff details to lift it from the norm and comes in camel, navy and khaki.




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