I’ve decided that when you’re staycationing in the UK, it’s pointless having a wardrobe full of skimpy summer frocks when there will never be enough hot, sunny days to wear them. Instead, I’m sticking with the ‘one good dress will do’ theory, and here’s mine.

Let’s gloss over the fact that I’ve just made the word ‘staycation’ (which shouldn’t really be a word at all) into an actual verb (there must be a law against this kind of thing) and carry on regardless with this post. Just like I’ve been trying to do with this rubbish weather ever since the kids broke up for the school holidays. Apologies for the sporadic posting aka ‘summer scheduling’ by the way, but me and the kids have been easing our way gently into August and I’ve been trying to spend some quality time with them.But let’s get back to dresses and summer. Well I’d love to, believe me, but the weather gods don’t seem to be playing ball at the moment, which is why, yet again, I feel quite justified in not racing out to buy loads of new fair weather clobber when I just wouldn’t have had the opportunity to wear it lately.

But on the occasions we have had some hot sunny days this year, there’s been one dress I’ve naturally gravitated towards. Again, it’s an old favourite, bought last summer from La Redoute, so apologies if that irks anyone but I’ve linked to some similar current styles later in this post.

I just want to talk a bit about those items of clothing that deserve to be retained in your wardrobe, even when they don’t always get to see the light of day much. Because when they do, they’re so easy and right and make you feel good and garner compliments, that means they’ve earned their rightful place in your summer or winter clothing hall of fame.

Outfit details: Dress: La Redoute (old, similar shown below)/ Bag: Bohemia Design / Sandals: Saltwaters / Watch: Newgate / Sunglasses: Mango (sold out, similar here)

This dress is one of those items, so much so that every time I’ve been tempted to buy a new summer dress I’ve mentally sized it up against this one and realised I just don’t need anything else. It’s linen, which I know can be a bit of a crease-fest but this one has a kind of cheese-cloth feel to it that doesn’t need to look immaculate all the time. It’s there to feel loose and comfy and light and breezy, whether you’re sitting at a desk or curled up on a picnic rug.

And the blue stripes seem to work whether home or away. I took this dress to a late summer break in Greece last September and it worked with espadrilles and sun hats but similarly I’ve worn it at home on the school run – admittedly when the day has turned out to be such a scorcher that you need to rethink your whole outfit and change into the coolest thing you possess by the afternoon!More importantly, it’s not short and tight (who wants sweaty legs sticking to a chair or a flash of knickers when you’re sitting on the grass?) but the low back gives a glimpse of flesh (not to mention excellent ventilation) should you wish it. For those who don’t (and who are thinking, what about a bra?), I just slip a t-shirt or long sleeved top underneath. It also works nicely with a sweater pulled over the top on a brisk British beach, which is why I’ll be packing it for my hollibobs soon.

Oh and it has pockets – need I say any more?





Old Fashioned Susie //

This is so true Kat! There’s so many things I’ve pulled down from the loft with the hope of wearing, but had zero chances!!
Preach it! Happy Holidays xxx

Kathryn //

Thanks Sus, I hope it’s warm enough to get the dress on while we’re away! xx

Lucy //

I adore this dress on you. It suits you so much! I agree – in summer you want to be comfy and free without clothes sticking to you x

Sian //

Always love this dress on you. You know what I love about you and your style….its that you dont wear the latest “blogger” thing and have your own sense of style. Loved reading when you bought clothes from charity shops too. Do you still do that? xxx

Kathryn //

Gosh thanks Sian, that’s lovely to hear. Yes, I do still like a rummage in a charity shop. I found a great pair of (new) blue suede sandals from Office in a charity shop recently and have worn them all summer! It’s always worth a look xx


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