How is February treating you? Yes I’m a bit sick of winter too. My advice? Just add red

Despite the fact I’m on the lookout for signs of spring (crocus and daffodil shoots have been sighted round these parts) it’s also cold, miserable and still given to snow flurries. It’s round about now that I get really impatient for a change in season and some warmer weather. I know I shouldn’t try to hurry the year on but I just can’t help it.

Most mornings I peer into my wardrobe and forlornly stroke skirts, blouses and t-shirts that I long to wear but know will just not hack it against the driving winds and sleeting rain I experience at least once a week on the school run. You know I love knitwear as much as the next woman but even I’m getting sick of my usual jumper stack. And jeans, you’re great, you know I will always want you in my life but I just need a break from you.

Hat: & Other Stories / Scarf: New Look (sold out, similar here / Coat: New Look (old, similar here) / Bag: TK Maxx (old, similar here) / Trousers: Muji (old, similar here) / Socks: Genevieve Sweeney / Trainers: Seven Boot Lane (similar here)

So I thought I’d post some snaps from a recent outfit. I pulled out an old but favourite pair of pinstripe trousers (they have an elasticated waistband – yay!) and while it made for a bit of crazy pattern mixing with my checked coat and scarf, I quite liked it. The addition of my new red beanie (a birthday present from Greig) made everything a bit brighter. My motto at the moment is, if in doubt just add red, even if it’s only nails or lips!



Roll on spring!






Catherine //

Love your photos and yes, ready for some warmer weather in Norfolk too! I’m an Australian who is missing the sunshine
By the way – the red beanie is the bomb!
Love Catherine xx


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