It’s that in-betweeny time with fashion isn’t it? Are you still baring the ankles or have you transitioned to full on opaques already? Personally I’m going for a half-way house and indulging in some good old-fashioned sock wearing again.

I’m not quite ready to pack away my summer wardrobe yet but it’s not exactly sandal weather anymore (*waves the Saltwaters back into storage for another year). But it’s not really cold enough for all the thick wooly layers yet (we need to pace ourselves up here in the north) and many of my trousers are 3/4 length. What’s a girl to do? Answer: wear socks and not just any old pair if you can help it. Now’s the time to pull out the jazzy variety and make a feature of them if possible.Now I know some people will probably write this look off as too nerdy and that’s fine but I’ve always embraced my inner nerd and the fact that it also supports my growing need for comfort over style these days is all the better! A pair of ankle socks looks chic with a pair of brogues or loafers and some peg-leg trousers and can brighten up your old comfy but weather-beaten trainers. Plus a cute new pair of socks is an easy way to update outfits without breaking the bank.





Danish Pastry //

Love my jazzy socks, usually with a bit of metallic and brogues or loafers! Although it’s not been too cold yet, 25°C this last week, but autumnal weather is just around the corner!

Jenna //

I’m sure this time last year I was admiring your sock style…? I’ve definitely got to get it sorted this Autumn though. Also, need to up my trouser game. My outfits have gotten slovenly in the last year. Thanks for the inspiration and distraction xxx

Kirsty //

I love socks and shoes, but my legs aren’t long enough for them, its such a good look


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