Trips to the spa can be few and far between so here’s my mini guide to re-creating that feeling at home with a few treats I’ve tried and loved.

Back in the day me and the mister used to treat ourselves fairly regularly to a spa day (before kids as if that qualifier was even necessary). We used to live in Holmfirth in West Yorkshire a few years ago and were overjoyed when the beautiful new Titanic Spa opened. It’s still going strong and is well worth the trip if you’re interested in trying it. Rooms are available for overnight stays if you’re travelling from further afield. Now of course we do have the amazing Turkish Baths in Harrogate on our doorstep which I made use of when we first moved back here, but these days I just never seem to make the time or effort to use it which is criminal really so I might just have to remedy that soon. The interiors are incredible!

Of course money is a factor too, which is why I try to spend as much time as possible in my own bath and a few carefully chosen treaty items can go somewhere towards re-creating that experience at home, especially when you consider cost per use. You could try grabbing a treatment at a reduced price using a discount website. For example there are some great massage deals available on Groupon. Alternatively, I’ve put together a few ideas and recommendations because you can’t treat yourself too much as far as I’m concerned.

Perfume is a big one for me and I love this energy boosting scent from Neom. The idea of something that makes me smell nice but also has a positive effect on my mood, well being and energy levels is a win-win and if anyone knows about aromatherapy it’s those people at Neom.

I’m a big fan of bath salts. They’re a really cheap, easy way to rev up your bath water and make it a bit more hard-working when it comes to cleansing and detoxing. I like pink Himalayan rock salt because of its renowned health benefits but y’know the millennial pink colour doesn’t look bad either. You can buy some cute but overpriced little jars from various labels or you can do what I do and buy bulk and decant into a jar. Boots sells Westlab at 5kg for £14.99 or you can get a 1kg bag for £4.99 from Holland & Barrett. I’ve also seen this brand sold in TK Maxx’s beauty dept for a bargain price too.

Candles, bath and a good book goes without saying really. It’s pretty much the cornerstone of my home spa experience. But I like candles that come with lids (to keep the dust out when not in use) and ones that look nice on display. The one above was from The White Company and I love its simple, chic design and beautiful rose smell. It’s sadly no longer available but this similar looking Spa Relax candle with lid sounds just the ticket.

1/Piped printed PJs 2/Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle 3/Shoal Body Scrub 4/Super Balm Daily Cleanser 5/Dressing gown 6/Energy Burst perfume 7/French Girl Spa Soak

A good body scrub is also a must if you want to get that luxey feel from your bath or shower. Greig bought me the Shoal Body Scrub from &OtherStories as a present and I love its heavenly smell and creamy, moisturising texture that melts into skin/water. It’s also a good exfoliator thanks to its combination of natural oyster shell fragments and pulverised olive kernals!

Sometimes it feels hard to justify a pricey item for yourself but multi-tasking wonder products make a lot of sense to me like the Neom Intensive Skin Treatment Candle. You light it and enjoy its aroma then you can use the warm oily wax to rub into your body. How genius is that?

I’ve also been trying out an alternative facial balm to treat my skin during the winter months. I bought the Super Balm from The White Company when my Eve Lom Cleanser ran out (which is amazing by the way but I still find it difficult to stump up £50 for a pot even though it lasts me about a year). The White Company alternative is creamy and turns to oil when you massage into skin and smells lovely and citrusy so it’s still a nice everyday treat (and more affordable). I also recommend their Advanced Hydration Skin perfecting Moisturiser which I’ve been using over the last few months – not too heavy, which is good for my combination skin but still lovely and fresh feeling.

And finally, I think a really good, soft, squishy robe is essential not just for a home spa day but any day really. I have the Hush dressing gown above but in navy and it is honestly the softest robe ever and my kids love cuddling up to me in it. It’s a nice length too which is important for me. If anyone fancies treating me to those gorgeous leaf print PJs to go with it that would be great!






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Lucy //

You’re making me want to sink in to a lovely scented bath and light a candle. I will have a look on the NEOM site as I love their products. xx


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